(8 Cute Replies) When Someone Says “You’re The Real Deal”

Well, that’s such a romantic compliment, when someone says “You’re the real deal”.

This proves that he or she sees you as a trustworthy partner. 

Whether it’s your growing connection or you have an established relationship, you should take these compliments seriously.

Try to respond genuinely, because they mean it. 

So in this article, we are sharing cute and flirty replies to do it right.


How To Respond When Someone Calls You “The Real Deal”?

You mostly get to hear ‘You’re the real deal’ from someone who knows you very closely. 

This could be your boyfriend, girlfriend, or a crush you’re growing connection with. 

Whatever you do or how you act, this person is impressed with your qualities. 

Maybe you encourage them to be better or amaze them with your love. 

Next, you make sure that your responses are genuine and sincere. 

And, here we like to share some best replies when a partner says ‘You’re the real deal’: 

1. “Thank you, but it’s your influence.”

Being with them you feel so confident about yourself.

That your natural qualities shine.

This response expresses that you give them credit for bringing the best out of you. 

2. “And, what made you say it?” 

Of course, you know it when someone calls you the real deal.

Here just you are playfully teasing them. 

This flirty response is to make them talk more about how they feel about you

3. “OK, But I’m not cheap. Just so you know.” 

Share this funny response to a guy who calls you ‘the real deal’. 

This is a growing relationship, and he says so in a very short period. 

So you make him aware that it’s hard to handle you sometimes. 

4. “Let’s sign this ‘romantic’ deal, what do you think.” 

When a girl says ‘You’re the real deal’ tell her that you are ready for the relationship. 

And if it is your ongoing relationship you’re ready for the next step. 

Such a flirty response to show that you have some plan for your connection.

5. “Then hurry up, because this deal is about to get over soon.” 

You give this witty response to your boyfriend saying ‘You’re the total deal’. 

Here you clearly hint about the next relationship plan. 

And, if he’s into you, you will get an exciting reaction from him. 

6. “I wish I could say the same about you.” 

This is a sarcastic response when someone just simping you

And then, they call you the real deal. 

But you can’t say the same about them, as you don’t feel the same for them.

7. “Seriously, I don’t believe it.” 

You have to ask if he being real with you on calling you a real deal. 

Or he’s just trying to make you feel good about yourself. 

Else, you can use this fun reply to tease your lover to prove it.

8. “Honestly, I kind of feel the same about you.” 

Being impressed by your nature, your crush openly says ‘You’re the real deal’. 

This gives you the confidence to share the feelings that you have, too. 

And, this is a short but sweet response to give.  

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What Does “You’re The Real Deal” Mean?

When someone calls you ‘The real deal’, this means they are impressed with your qualities. 

This is not about your looks only, but also how you made them feel. 

Here they see you as ‘the one’ for them. 

Take it as a compliment that this girl or guy sees you as a trusted partner and romantic lover

By openly saying that ‘you’re the real deal’ they express their interest in having a relationship with you.

They hope it to be a lasting relationship filled with trust and lots of love. 

Your cute and flirty replies to ‘You’re the real deal’ prove you not only thank them but also feel the same about them.

It is like a promise that you will never change your feelings for them. 


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