18 Rude Roasts To Say To Your Ex-Best Friend 

  • February 29, 2024

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Looking for a way to roast your ex-best friend for what they did to you?

You don’t care if you sound rude or mean. 

You have to vent the frustration. 

And if you don’t, you always regret that you didn’t say anything savage to your ex-friend when you had time. 

This also helps you to move on in your life.  

Whether you want to make it an official end of your friendship or want to remind them of the mistakes they made, here are some savage to rude roasts you can say to your ex-best friend. 


How To Roast Your Ex-Best Friend?

Well, you can’t roast your friend who is no longer in touch with you for some reason.

But, these roasts apply to the ex-bestie who actually breaks your trust.

And then, they leave you with lifelong pain in your heart. 

You played your role in the friendship. 

But, it’s just them who acted mean and took advantage of you. 

How To Roast Your ex-Best Friend

If you feel betrayed, and cheated, good for you that this connection ends now. 

When you’re the one who is being used in friendship, you might say savage, sarcastic, and even rude things to your former best friend before leaving. 

It’s like telling them it’s actually their loss that they lost a good friend like you.

To vent your frustration for this one final time, here are good roasts to say to your ex-best friend before you block them from your phone and life.

1. “Let me confess that I didn’t actually forget your birthday. But I wish you late on purpose.” 

And, that’s because I didn’t want to give you any birthday presents for you.  

When your friend is childish, this one is the appropriate thing to say.

2. “Oh, I’m here to return your knives back. It has been on my back the whole time.” 

This one is a clever roast for the backstabber friend. 

What they did to you that no one ever thought to do to someone they call a friend.  

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3. “I wish I could welcome you back. But, my dog has already filled your place in my life. And he’s not annoying or cheap, that’s good.” 

Also one more thing, this dog is more loyal than your ex-bestie ever can be. 

You’re happy with this new dog.

He’s your good friend now. 

4. “After you left, everything reminds me of you. ‘Everything’ here means only the bad ones.” 

You tell them you are still thinking of them, but only for the worst-case scenarios. 

This way to tell your ex-friend how miserable and unlucky they were to you. 

5. “I had the best time of my life before you came, and now I’ve had a great time of life, as you are no longer around.” 

And, the time when they were in life was the ‘worst’ part. 

Just for their information. 

You’re just sharing the update about you’re doing well after your friendship. 

6. “Thank you so much for ending our friendship. It allows me to be with some interesting friends.” 

Such good fellas you can hang out with and have fun for sure.

You admit that these new friends are not boring like an ex-best friend. 

Rude things to say to your ex friend

7. “You know, everything that I have ever told you, it’s a made-up story. Because I already know who you are.” 

Your ex-best friend has already known much about you.

Before they think to use that information, you make it clear that It was all fake. (Even if they are not). 

Using this clever roast, you try to keep them from sharing your secrets with anyone. 

8. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to break our friendship. But your mom, oh, she just wants me to be your stepdad.” 

A Your mama joke’ would be a perfect roast for a friend who cheated on you. 

9. “Don’t worry that all your secrets will be safe with me. I won’t tell anyone, but I can post them, though.” 

You, too, know all their secrets already.

And, you also know how to use them later. 

Maybe you’re keeping it private but sharing it publicly on social media.

10. “So, after all these years, you’ve not changed, Right? Not talking about looks, but your nature.”  

Before they take pride that they’re still looking the same, clarify it. 

It’s a roast for your ex-friend, for telling them that they haven’t learned a lesson after all such things happened. 

11. “Relax, I’m not going to ask for money that you borrowed. I consider them as a charity for the homeless.” 

You aren’t asking them to return the money. 

Because you’re not going to get any money from this friend

So at least you can say something that your ex-best friend never forgets. 

12. “At least, I’m glad that you were my friend that I could easily get rid of. I can’t imagine what it would be like if you were my life partner.”  

Earlier you felt so hurt and disappointed being cheated in friendship. 

But later you realize that things could go even worse. 

Use this as a sarcastic roast of your ex-best friend who is no longer in your life.

13. “Hats off to you, you’re a master at everything that can spoil someone’s mood and life.” 

And, who can say this so strongly other than you… who spent (spoiled) so many years? 

14. “Have you found some new friends? Are they in better condition after being with you?”

This roast is to tell your ex-best friend that, whoever befriends them, you’ve your blessing for them.

They’re some unlucky people. Like, you were once. 

Savage things to say to your former bestie

15. “Well, I heard that you’re finally in a relationship. Pass on my good luck wishes to your partner.” 

You’re just surprised at this news. 

How can anyone trust them?

It’s not easy to maintain friendships with them, how can they survive their whole life?

You’re worrying about your partner who has no idea that you are heading to a miserable life. 

16. “My life would never be that same as you left. And I didn’t want it the same, so I happily let you go.” 

Say this to roast your ex-best friend, if they ever wonder why you didn’t even try to save your friendship. 

Because whatever happened, that was all part of your master plan. To get rid of them.

17. “I’m here to say thanks for leaving me. The farther you go, the better things suddenly start to happen in my life.” 

So, I make sure that you keep going as far as you can. 

And never turn back (or think about returning) to my life again, PLEASE. 

18. “You know I miss you so much. When I have nothing to do.”

This is to just make your ex-best friend feel like you miss them.

But actually, it’s a joke.

That you never actually miss them, as you are always busy.

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What To Say To Your Ex-Best Friend?

So, in this article, we have discussed what you can say to roast your ex-best friend. 

And, it’s even more effective when you say it in person while ending your friendship. 

It’s also a good idea to leave it as a final text message before you block their number or cut off every connection from them. 

Whether you say this roast for ex-best friend in person, or over text, you can also, however, use it as a social media post or your WhatsApp status. 

They may need to get this message correct. 

Don’t leave with your hurt feelings within. 

Better say whatever is in your mind for the final time. 

Remember, you can use these rude roasts to say to your friend to vent your frustration. 

Hope this helps you to move on with your life, leaving your ended friendship behind.  


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