(32 Funny Comebacks) When Someone Calls You “Old”

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Being called ‘old’ is always feels negative and depressing. 

Not only you, but no one likes it when someone calls You ‘old’, even as a joke. 

Well, but that doesn’t always have to be like that. 

You can’t stop age, but you can give some of the good comebacks that say you might be old, but your humor keeps you younger.

This article will help you handle the ‘age’ comment lightly. 


How To Respond When Someone Says “You Look Old”?

Obviously, it feels negative but not every time you should respond like it hurts you. 

Age works differently for everyone. 

If someone mentions your age or ‘older look’, you should consider how they say it to you. 

Are they joking with you or trying to make you feel old with it?

Whatever it is, the best way to respond to an ‘old age’ comment is by taking it lightly. 

Instead of feeling down or taking it as rude, better if you have these funny comebacks when someone calls you ‘old’, to show you don’t see aging as a problem. 

How To Respond When Someone Says You Look Old

1. “That’s right, I look old, but I’m still younger at heart.” 

You agree with them that you look old, but what they don’t know is that you feel young.

So age isn’t an issue for you. 

2. “Not sure, if you are complimenting me or what?” 

Oftentimes, most people use it as a backhanded compliment.

So you first decide what they mean by calling you old.

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3. “Yeah, we humans get old. But you won’t understand that.”

This aging concept is common in humans, you educate this alien from an unknown planet about it. 

4. “I’m old and advanced. But you are young and boring.”

That’s the major difference and this isn’t going to change. 

5. “Thank you for mentioning that. I wanted to look old for real.”

While most people wish to stay and look young, your goal is to look old. 

This response will shock those who call you old.

6. “I don’t care about age, but I’m feeling better than ever.” 

Whether you look old or not, you don’t count these remarks anymore. 

You just aim to live a better life than before. 

7. “Not just old, but I look mature, too.”

And maybe because you act or look mature, everyone thinks that you are old. 

It’s a good thing, you take it that way.

8. “For me how I feel is more important than how I look.” 

Instead of worrying about your looks, you will work on how you feel inside. 

Also, how you make others feel without leaving such rude comments

9. “Because I am old.”

You admit it and you share the reason for being old.

10. “So, you mean to say, you are still looking young?” 

The way they say ‘You look old’ it seems they think they look young. 

But this sarcastic comeback is enough to make them aware that they are looking old, too.

11. “If you look childish and immature, that’s not my problem.” 

It’s your choice to act, and behave like a mature. 

And that impacts your impression and appearance. 

12. “I can’t hide my age. After all, I’m not a witch like you.”

Nor do you have any spells to stay young forever.

At least you don’t hurt others by their hate comments or acts. 

13. “You just wait and this will happen to you, too.”

When someone younger than you call that ‘you are old’, this is a better response to share.

14. “The older I get the better person I become.” 

And there’s no way anyone would make you feel bad about being old.

15. “Yes, because I have been mature from a very young age.” 

And that makes you look older than your age. 

Also, you have great experiences and lessons collected in life. 

16. “And, I’m not ashamed of it.” 

If they think you will feel low with it, tell them it’s not working on you.

17. “I could say age is just a number, But I won’t.” 

Those ashamed of being called old will say ‘Age is just a number’.

But you embrace your age, so you don’t mind it.

18. “That’s why everyone takes me seriously and not to you.”

It’s the age factor that makes you look mature enough.

funny comebacks to being called old

19. “It’s better to be old than be weird like yourself.”

This is a clever comeback to show that you don’t do any trick to stay young. 

Such attempts make this person look weird.

But you rather look old and remain natural. 

20. “It’s good to be old. Wanna try?” 

Tell them it would be more adventurous than they know. 

21. “And my sense of humor is much better than yours.” 

Share this funny comeback on being called old by your friends. 

22. “That’s why I hang out with you, to look young.”

A witty response that works like the phrase ‘hang out with fat friends, to look slim’. 

23. “That is also a reason why most take my advice seriously.” 

Your thinking, personality, and your appearance made you look responsible. 

Which makes others take you seriously and listen to you. 

24. “Being old I have a lot of stories to tell. Do you have anything to say interesting other than internet memes?”

Such a good comeback to someone younger generation who seems proud of being advanced. 

While you are the one living life and exploring the world in a real sense. 

25. “I might be old, but I kept a kid in me alive.” 

And that kid always makes you feel excited, positive, and happy in any situation. 

26. “Well, I rather call myself a classic version than old.” 

A witty reply says you see old age as the original and not worn out. 

27. “You look at my fine line. But I feel like a fine vine.” 

And so it tastes (feels) better as you age. 

28. “Do I look like your daddy now? Because I’m preparing to date your mom.”

A savage comeback to tease a friend with a classic ‘your mom’ joke.

29. “I might look old, but I will be young as long as I’m not expired.”

This comeback shows you accept aging as a part of life. 

So, instead of worrying about it, you rather enjoy your life till you are alive.  

30. “I’m fine with it. Don’t try to sell me your Botox injections, please.” 

A funny response to tease someone who thinks that being called old will hurt you. 

But it’s your choice, and you don’t look for any tips or shortcuts.

31. “Yeah, it’s the god experimenting with my looks lately.” 

And that an experiment is called ‘aging’. 

32. “That’s not a problem to me. And, it shouldn’t be your concern either.” 

So tell them to relax and accept it like you do.

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What To Say When Someone Calls You “Old”?

Anytime you hear someone saying ‘You look old’, it makes you feel sad and bad. 

Further, you might react too quickly in frustration. Stop it. 

Look, the way they say it. They might be joking or are serious about it. 

And, it could be their opinion. 

But whatever it is, how you feel about yourself is above all. 

What To Say When Someone Calls you Old

With your reaction, express that you are young and energetic with the way you live your life. 

Enjoy life like you want and have fun without looking at your age. 

Also, have these funny comebacks with you to deal with being called old, to show your spirit and positivity. 

That you are not ashamed of your age but you embrace it. 


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