12 Best Answers To “Are You Ready For A Relationship?”

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Well, the question ‘Are you ready for a relationship?’ can be answered with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

But, to make it genuine, choose a more precise response than one word.

If you’re not sure what to say and how to answer, this article is for you.

Here are some of the best answers to explain whether you are ready for a relationship.


How To Respond To “Are You Ready For A Relationship”?

Someone you are developing a connection with may ask this question to know how serious you are about this relationship. 

It’s not a time to play, you can just say how you feel or think about this connection. 

Whether you want to keep a relationship or not, take it as a serious question and you should answer it honestly.

It’s not a time to play.

Well, but, based on your comfort and mood, sometimes you can just play along with your girlfriend or boyfriend asking you the obvious question

No matter what, here are some of the possible answers you can share to explain if you’re ready for a relationship or not: 

How To Respond To Are You Ready For A Relationship

1. “I’ve been so ready. Are you ready to make the next move?” 

She seems excited about taking your relationship to the next level. 

And so you tell her that you are ever ready for it. 

Just waited for her approval. 

2. “As I see myself, I’m ready. Now, just looking for someone like you.” 

When a crush asks if you are ready for a relationship, you could respond to this. 

It is indeed a bold option. 

But when things seem obvious, it’s good when you are honest with it. 

3. “I wasn’t ready but knowing you closely, I think I’m now.”

Because you feel that she’s the one for you.

That you will do anything for her and this relationship. 

This answer expresses your readiness to do anything about this relationship to work out.

4. “I try to be serious but I can’t.” 

This is a fun response to express that you are not ready for a relationship. 

You have been in many relationships but you are not just taking any seriously.

5. “I’m in search of the right one to start a relationship.”

It expresses that you are patiently waiting for the one to start a relationship with.

And you also think about that one you don’t need to be ready, you will be ready naturally.

6. “Babe, you have no idea how ready I am for this relationship.” 

This flirty answer is to show that you are ever ready for a relationship when she asks you so. 

You want to let her know that you are not only interested, but also committed to this relationship. 

Flirty Response To Are You Ready For A Relationship

7. “As I know I don’t think this relationship works out, as I expected.” 

Being together for a while your date seems interested in moving forward. 

But to you, this isn’t a relationship that you are looking for. 

So you could tell him or her that you are not ready for the relationship, because you don’t find it compatible or see no connection there. 

8. “I could be but my trust issues prevent me from getting serious.”

To someone close who asks you if you are ready for a relationship after a breakup, this is an honest answer. 

It expresses that your last relationship ended up giving you the trust issue. 

And so it’s hard for you to believe in a relationship again. 

9. “Yeah, I have been thinking of a relationship. Are you selling them?” 

A fun response to share with someone curious to know if you are ready for a relationship. 

Well, to your relatives or friends, you can share this answer. 

Because it’s your matter and they are being nosy

10. “I’m happy with myself. That I don’t think of anything serious, Right now.” 

If you are not looking for someone and enjoying singlehood, that’s fine. 

You don’t have to force yourself to have any relationship when you are not ready for it. 

11. “Well, I think I need more time and see where things go.” 

So, do you think it would be early to make a move in this connection? 

Instead, you are upfront that you need more time in this relationship. 

This gives you time to see if you should make a move. 

12. “Nay, I think this friendship is better than the relationship with you.” 

You know what this friend is up to when he asks if you are ready for the relationship. 

An honest answer to let him know that you only see him as a friend. 

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When He/She Asks If You’re Ready For A Relationship

Whether it’s a crush or your new match, when they ask ‘Are you ready for a relationship?’, they seriously want to know how you see this connection. 

So you must be honest with them.

Tell them if you are ready for the next move in the relationship or not. 

When He or She Asks If You’re Ready For A Relationship

Also, based on how you see this connection and your thinking on the same, you could answer likewise. 

Overall, the better approach is to be honest with them when it’s from your date or match who seems serious about your relationship. 

Maybe they are ready and expect that you are also. 

And this question also tells how serious or committed you are about this relationship. 


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