17 Cute Responses To “You Look Young” Compliment

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Everyone wants to look younger than their age. 

And, when someone says “You look so young”, that’s kind of a compliment to make you feel good about your skin.

Fine, if you respond to this with a simple ‘Thanks’. 

But, if you need something different to say, this article covers the cutest responses you can give to someone calling you ‘Young’. 

You can try these responses with your friends or strangers who compliment your look.


How To Respond When Someone Says “You Look Young”?

Being called ‘Young’ is indeed a compliment that gives you confidence. 

And depending on the connection with that person, you should decide whether to keep it limited to a ‘Thank you’ or say more.

If you get a ‘looking young’ compliment most of the time, have something to say. 

Check out these best responses to give when someone compliments ‘You look young’:

How To Respond When Someone Says You Look Young

1. “Oh, thank you. I just be myself, laugh more, and follow a skincare routine.” 

That’s all you do to look young.

You share these tips, maybe this person wants to know your secret. 

And, that you want them to follow it. 

2. “I also have to say that you look good by yourself, too.”

When someone compliments your looks, it’s good if you also compliment them back. 

Make sure you say it like you mean it. 

And, this doesn’t sound like you are just saying it for the sake of it. 

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3. “Actually, I have found some secret tips to stay and look young forever.” 

And, you might not share it with anyone. 

This is a fun response to show that there’s something you have done lately to look this young. 

4. “So tell me how old I am looking?”

Seeing your photos when someone says you look so young, you ask them to guess your age. 

5. “Thank you for the compliment. I hear it quite often.” 

And it makes you feel confident, obviously. 

Such responses that express your confidence in your skin.

6. “Maybe because I took no stress or sun.” 

You stay away from direct sun and stay away from stress in life.

And, that keeps you looking young. 

This is an honest reply to show it is what you believe. 

7. “Am I really? Stop playing with me.” 

When your crush says you look young after you sharing your age, you feel blushing. 

And this is a cute way to respond to their compliment. 

8. “And, I think you are too kind to say that.” 

Because you don’t believe that you are as young as they said. 

So this is a witty response, but you appreciate their kindness in saying that.

Witty Reply To You Look Young

9. “So my botox treatment worked off, finally.” 

A funny response to tease a friend who calls you as young as your age. 

10. “And for that I like to give credit to my parents.” 

Because it’s them who gave you the genes or maybe the lifestyle to stay young forever. 

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11. “Yeah, because I am younger in this group.”

Well, it’s not your age, but you hang out with the old fellas. 

And with them, you look young. 

It’s an obvious thing and nothing special about your skin.

12. “That is why no one ever takes me seriously.” 

They see you as young and often give you advice on anything. 

But actually, you are older than them. 

And they are supposed to take your words seriously. 

13. “I wish I would remain this forever. But, I won’t.”  

You are happy as someone says you look so young. 

But you know that sooner or later you get older. 

Because no one is going to stay the same. 

14. “And, I think that’s because of the lifestyle changes I’m following.”

Indeed, it’s the lifestyle that impacts how you feel and how you look. 

Being in a positive environment and applying good habits, is the reason why you look so young and refreshed now. 

15. “Don’t tell anyone, but I have found the fountain of youth.” 

When your friend says you look so young, this is a funny reply to share. 

Promise them to take them there the next week. 

16. “And this way, I feel that age is just a number.”

To someone who compliments on your younger look, this is a good response to share. 

Because not from outside but from within you also feel young. 

17. “I have a spell that reverses the age.”

And, you can share this spell with them with selective and closed connections only. 

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What Does “You Look Younger Than Your Age” Mean?

When someone says ‘You look younger than your age’ it means they are impressed with your look and skin. 

Mostly, you get this compliment after sharing your age.

That they have a hard time believing it because you look younger than most people your age. 

Some say so like a backhanded compliment.

Here they mean to say you look too young as you don’t appear as grown-up as per your age.

As if your body stopped growing after a certain age.

What Does You Look Younger Than Your Age Mean

Well, you could ignore a backhanded comment on your appearance, and look at it as a positive remark. 

Better if you feel good about yourself anyway. 

When it comes to responding to this compliment, if you want to say something more and creative, the above shared responses are your option. 

You can choose that based on your mood, connection, and how they say it.  

Else, just a ‘Thank you’ is well and good, too. 


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