12 Funny Answers To “What Are Friends For?”

  • February 16, 2024

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After you thank them, they tell you “What are friends for!”. 

It shows they did their part as a friend. 

Your bestie or just friend is happy to do something for you and they don’t mind it if you tell them to do it one more time. 

Because they see it as their responsibility. 

Next, to make the situation even more interesting, we prepared a few ways to reply to the same. 


How Do You Answer “What Are Friends For”?

You thanked your friend for doing something and in return he told you ‘What are friends for, huh!’. 

This is enough proof that you have a friend who cares about you. 

Whatever they did, they did heartily. 

Well, depending on your mood and friendliness between you two, you could respond to it in many ways. 

For some ideas, here are sarcastic to funny answers to give as if you are answering ‘What friends are for?’. 

How Do You Answer What Are Friends For

1. “For… -ever, Right? 

A respectful response that completes their sentence ‘Friends is forever’. 

And that is how you both see it. 

2. “To have good times in the bad times, I guess” 

This friend has helped you a lot in the rough time, like no one else. 

And you express this is what you believe friends are for in life.

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3. “For financial, emotional, physical, or any kind of support?” 

And that’s how a real friend plays their part in the friendship. 

This is a respectful response to show that you appreciate the support they provide so far.

4. “For giving company you on the valentines day.” 

Because no one of you still got any date. 

You are the perfect companion to celebrate Valentine’s day without feeling alone. 

Actually, you all need each other so badly.

5. “For giving you money, when you have nothing left.” 

At this moment, you can’t get money from your parents.

So you need someone to support you. 

And this is a clever response to tell a friend that right now you need a friend for some money.

6. “Either to steal your food or girlfriend, maybe.”  

A sarcastic response, which is fine to share as a joke. 

Maybe you taunt them seriously because that’s what they do. 

Or maybe they are up to it.

Sarcastic Response to Do You Answer What Are Friends For

7. “Oh sorry, Are you waiting for me to answer this?” 

After asking ‘What friends are for?’, your friend paused. 

Then you realize they are literally asking you about it.

And they expect you to say something to complete their statement. 

8. “To win the street fights. That’s what I know.” 

Because you can’t call your family or parents in similar situations. 

Here only friends are the one who knows how to play their role right. 

9. “To do weird things you can’t do with your family or partner.”  

For the odd friends who encourage you to do stupid and weird things, this is a perfect answer to share. 

This way you express that your friends might be weird but are hilarious. 

10. “To show the unusual ways to do the usual things.”  

You could ccall them weird or creative, but that’s how your friends are. 

They never do anything in a simple manner. 

Not only, that they also encourage you to do something absurdly, too. 

11. “I don’t know, you tell.” 

You need to improve at making guesses. 

So you straightaway ask them back to enlight you about it. 

Also, this expresses that you want to know how they see this friendship. 

12. “Friends are for many things, but I think this is not one of them.” 

A savage response that expresses that you are shocked by what they just did. 

In the name of friendship, they did something that you never think of doing for them. 

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What Does “What Are Friends For” Mean?

Well, you mostly hear ‘What are friends for’ after thanking them for the help and support they provided. 

You are expressing your thankfulness towards them. 

And they don’t want you to thank them, because that’s the rule of friendship. 

This is a caring gesture from your friends to let you know that they are just playing their part in the friendship.

They mean to say that it’s what most friends do for each other. 

What Does What Are Friends For Mean

So they don’t believe that they have done something great here. 

If you want to say something or want to have fun, react like you take ‘What are friends for?’ as a question, and you answer it. 

Based on your mood and level of friendship, you can respond as per the suggestions here. 

Just be sure that you respond in the right mood. 

Because some responses are sarcastic, too. 


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