7 Ways To Respond To A Text From An Unknown Number

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‘Ting. Ting.’, you got a new message. 

But wait, it’s a ‘Hi’ text from an unknown number. 

Do you recognize it? Of course, NO. If the sender tells you who they are, NO. 

It means, a stranger got your number. 

Maybe this person could be a jerk, hacker, or spammer. 

But then you also doubt this can be your friend or acquaintance who might have bought a new number and texted you first. 

What to do here and how to respond, let’s discuss further in this article. 


How To Respond To A Text From An Unknown Number?

Obviously, the first and foremost response to a text from an unknown number is to not respond back.

That’s the safest suggestion option when you’re sure that this is from a stranger. 

But, there are also some cases, when you have to ask them ‘Who are you?’.

And, what’s their purpose to contact you. 

It could be from your contact with a new number or someone isn’t in your phonebook. 

So instead of just blocking them, pretending the text is from a stranger, you can respond to check if you know each other or not. 

How To Respond To A Text From An Unknown Number

1. “Sir/ma’am, whoever is this, I don’t recognize you. Who are you?” 

The first thing you can ask the sender of this text is to reveal their identity. 

Maybe you both have a connection already, and that’s why they contact you. 

If that person is genuine, they share their name.  

If that’s a familiar name, you can save their contact. 

If not, you can tell them you’re not the one they’re trying to reach. 

End of the conversation here. 

2. “Hi, Who is this, and who gave you this number?”

Make it clear that you see them as a stranger and haven’t recognized them. 

Possibly, you may know each other but you also want to know how they got your number. 

Based on that, you can discuss which is regarding and can ask the one who has shared your number. 

Who knows this person could be your old friend you didn’t see in a long time.

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3. “Please share to whom you’re trying to contact.” 

This person texts you ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’, and it’s definitely from an unknown number. 

Also, you never have any call or text history with this number. 

So, you can ask who they’re trying to reach. 

If they say your name, it means this person knows you already. 

Before making a conversation any further, you must ask who they are and what’s good reason to reach out

4. “Sorry, you’ve texted the wrong person. I don’t know you.”

You’ve asked about their identity and found who they’re trying to connect with. 

You have no information about what they said.

Prove that this person is a stranger and trying to reach someone else. 

So, you inform them to recheck the number they’re trying to connect.

Because it’s a wrong number and not to contact your number again. 

5. “The person you’re trying to reach, doesn’t want to hear anything from you.”

You’re actually typing this and sending this to someone who keeps annoying you.

It’s a clear and so direct that someone stop texting you again.

Else, when you know it’s your friend, you can have fun with it.

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6. Ignore when you’re not feeling well already.  

There’s no need to interact with the text message even if it’s a  ‘hello’ from someone. 

Because you feel somewhat suspicious as you get this text from an unknown number. 

If that person knows you well, they might reveal that it’s them. 

When they’re not, you better ignore a text from this stranger. 

So they will stop sending any more texts again. 

7. Block the unknown number. 

You tried to ask them about their identity, but they’re not sharing anything. 

Instead, they tell you (or ask you) about your personal information. 

That’s clear that this person is a scammer and you better not interact with them anyway. 

In other cases, they could be jerks who got your number somehow and sent you annoying texts. 

At the final option, you’ve one thing left and that’s to ‘block’ this unknown number. 

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Ignoring and blocking is the easiest way to handle a text from an unknown number. 

But there’s also a chance that it’s from someone in your connection.

You’ve not saved their number yet. 

Or your best friend also plays a prank on you with someone else’s number. 

In whatever case, you need to ask who they’re and the person they’re trying to contact. 

So that you know if this text message is for you or someone else. 

Before you block or ignore them, just clarify these things when you get a text from a stranger. 


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