12 Comebacks When Someone Calls You Cheap (Or, “Poor”) 

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Your earnings, bank balance, and wealth don’t define your actual self-worth. 

But some stupid people have to judge you based on your financial situation and how much money you have (or you spend). 

Okay, that’s how they are.

But, you don’t have to take anything seriously, when someone calls you cheap, poor, or broke for no reason.

Instead, it is better if you can respond with confidence. 

This is to show that you don’t have money but you’re not cheap though. 


What To Say When Someone Calls You “Cheap” Or “Poor”?

In family functions or gatherings, you come across rude and cheap people who call you poor. 

Of course, they say this to insult you and make you feel bad about your situation. 

But, you’re not going to lower your level with such comments on your financial condition, Right? 

What To Say When Someone Calls You Cheap Or Poor

Not sure what their problem is (probably they’re jealous), but when someone calls you cheap or poor, they try to appear higher than you. 

Which they are not, everyone knows that.  

If you want to keep your confidence up and want to show them how cheap they are, you can try these comebacks as someone says ‘you’re cheap’ or calls you ‘poor’, next time. 

1. “True. But, I’m independent, though.”

You might have less money from them, but you do make your money. 

Either job or small business, you know how to make money. 

And, you don’t rely on your parents’ money like this person.

2. “I’m happy with less money than earning it from some cheap sites.” 

Everyone knows what they are doing and where their money comes from. 

This is a sarcastic response to show that you accept being poor. 

Rather than selling yourself and having no self-respect, you choose to be poor.

3. “But, I’m thankful that my parents don’t have to disown me.” 

Here, your family is proud of you for what you do in your life.

You are on the right way to earning money. Even if it’s not great.

Your family and parents respect your choice and you’ve their support. 

But this person might have money but no family. 

4. “I wish I also could have a sugar daddy like yours.” 

Oops, with this sarcastic response, you hit their pinpoints. 

5. “Being poor is much better than being rich and filthy.” 

You’re cheap or poor but you have standards and values in your life. 

But this person has only money and nothing good. 

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6. “Sorry I can’t afford your friendship, I have to pass it up.” 

A clever comeback to break up with a friend who judges you based on your financial situation. 

You don’t want to be friends with them anymore.

So this is how you end a friendship with them.

Comeback When Someone Calls You Poor

7. “If you feel that way, fine. I don’t want to change your perception.” 

When you have enough money and you’re happy you don’t have to prove anything to them. 

You’re fine with your financial condition and not a problem. 

What they think of you, it’s their choice only.

This is the chilliest comeback to share on being called cheap or poor. 

8. “I accept being poor rather than being a cheap person like you.” 

What matters is that money can’t make you a better person. 

This person might have money, but they don’t have manners or good habits. 

Glad that you’re not that cheap. 

9. “But, it’s good for me that I have some genuine friends.” 

Your friends are aware that you’re poor, but they never judge you by that. 

This is a sarcastic response to show that their friends are there, only because of their money. 

Having no money is good for you, as you have real friends. 

10. “But. I pay for myself and do not have to ask for my parents.” 

So, it’s not their money. 

Just, they are from a rich family. 

Whereas, you pay your bills and take good care of your family. 

11. “So, that’s the only thing you got, Lol.” 

In an argument, when someone has nothing to put you down, they comment on your financial condition. 

If they call you cheap or poor to make you feel bad, share this fun response. 

Because you know they are mad and have nothing else to say. 

12. “At least, I don’t have to be ashamed of answering what I do for a living.” 

You are very confident and comfortable to answer ‘What do you do?’. 

But this person who relies on parents’ money or earns from some weird websites, they have a hard time explaining what they do in life. 

So you show that you’re in a much better position. 

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How To Respond To “You’re Cheap (Or Poor)”?

We know it hurts when someone calls you cheap or poor. 

But still, we advise you not to take it personally.

Because they want to put you down with such comments. 

And, when you feel humiliated or your confidence shakes a bit, they feel so happy about it. 

Instead of feeling low, have the confidence to stand up for yourself and accept your life situation. 

How To Respond To You’re Cheap Or Poor

You have the power to change your situation and you’re doing your best. 

So, you don’t have to answer them or give any clarification. 

Agreed that… you can’t beat them with the money, but you can with your attitude and class.

If your relatives or anyone who says ‘You’re cheap (or poor)’ intends to bring you down, give such comebacks right away. 

Sometimes people call you ‘cheap’ or ‘poor’ ‘ because that’s the only thing they can say about you. 

Possible that they are jealous of you. 

Because you’re so smart and mature, even your financial condition isn’t that great. 

Fine, you might have less money right now, but you’ve confidence and class which they can’t even afford with that money. 


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