29 (Sweet &) Flirty Responses To “You Look Good” Compliment

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When someone says “You look good”, they’re complimenting you. 

As the usual response, you can say ‘Thanks for noticing me’.

But that’s not enough. 

Depending on who is calling you ‘Looking fine’, you change your response from normal to a special one. 

That’s what we are talking about in this post.

Whether it’s your crush, friend, or your partner who says ‘You’re looking good now’, here are flirty, cute, and sweet ways to acknowledge their compliment better. 


Flirty Responses To “You Look Good”

When your lover or partner tells you that you’re looking good today, don’t keep it to just ‘Thank you’. 

For their sweet compliment, give them flirty responses. 

It’s like a hint that it’s for some special purpose. 

Plus, you’re more than happy that they noticed you (, finally).   

Flirty Responses To You Look Good

1. “So what’s your plan then?”

Because your crush finally notices you as you look good today, you express your interest in more. 

If it’s a coffee date or a cuddle night, you’re just ready for anything. 

2. “Looking so good now that you want to take me on a date, Right?”

Here your crush says you look good, but their shyness is the biggest obstacle. 

So, being bold and flirty you give this reply. 

3. “I think lately you’re getting better looking, too.”  

You both might have been friends so far. 

But something is going on between you and them.

And, now, you both kind of like each other… more than just friends. 

4. “Thanks for noticing me. All this is for you only.” 

When your boyfriend or husband tells you to look fine today, you’ve his attention now. 

Don’t wait to reply that you’re prepared well just for him. 

5. “I think you never looked at me like that, but lately.” 

You’re happy inside that finally your friend- a secret crush starts noticing you. 

Being clever you are just curious to know what happened with them now. 

6. “Why shouldn’t I? It’s our first coffee date. Do you forget that?” 

You could limit it to just thanking for compliments. 

But you take time to look great on a first date. 

Your response like these tells your match to say something unique for you. 

7. “And what’s your plan for going out or…?” 

You are now ready for the party and show your man how you look today. 

Your husband or boyfriend compliments like ‘Damn, you look good’. 

And because he can’t take his eyes off you, you flirtily hint at other plans at home instead. 

8. “Oh, thanks, I have to say you’re looking great, too.” 

When you both are looking good together, complimenting back is a nice way to do it. 

9. “Just good? I thought I was perfect for you.” 

You couldn’t accept such compliments just to remain ‘good’. 

From your partner, you can expect to hear ‘You look perfect (to me)’. 


Cute Responses To “You Look Good”

When your crush says ‘You’re looking good, thank your crush and say something nice back. 

You can’t risk being flirty with your crush at this stage, so you can instead try these cute replies. 

Cute Responses To You Look Good

10. “And around you, I also feel good, I admit that.” 

You might look good but you also thank this person to make you feel good about yourself. 

11. “That’s all because of you.”

This one is a witty and cute reply to show that you look good today because you wanted their attention. 

Luckily, you’ve it now. 

Or maybe you’re so inspired by their fashion sense.  

12. “I should look good today, I’m about to see my crush today.” 

This is when your roommate or friend calls you ‘looking good’. 

Why you shouldn’t, after all, you’re going on a date with your crush now. 

And they’re more interested in knowing so may ask you ‘Who’s your crush?’. 

13. “You must have some guts to say that to your friend.”

Of course, you take it as a compliment. 

But as your friend tells you that you look fine, you appreciate them for saying it directly. 

14. “Am I? I didn’t wear makeup today.” 

You’re confused if this is a compliment or criticism. 

This is the way to decide if you should continue to wear makeup or just show up without that. 

15. “What was the last time you have seen me this closely?” 

Your best friend says that you’re looking good today, not sure why. 

But with this response, you expect to have a fun conversation with them. 

16. “I can’t blame you, I feel that way about myself, too.” 

You are confident that you are looking good right now. 

There’s nothing to be shy from, neither them nor you. 

Because you’re like the way you are and today you are just awesome for sure. 

17. “Aww, that’s so sweet of you, thank you so much.”

When this guy says ‘You look good’ or anything nice, your immediate reaction is ‘Awww’. 

Let it out again, and thank them for sure.  

18. “No, give me a genuine compliment.” 

This is your friend or boyfriend. 

So you just can’t accept the normal praise that everyone usually gives. 

You want to hear something unique and more personal remarks. 

19. “You never said that to me, before. What happened now, huh!” 

You might be asking a question to him, but you know what’s going on here.

But you want to know his feelings, so you tease him when a guy compliments you on your looks.

This reply is to open up a guy and say it straight.


Sweet Responses To “You Look Good”

Often, someone like your friend or coworker comes to you and tells you that ‘you’re looking good today’.

That’s because they can’t hold themselves from saying it. 

There’s nothing to do more, but you can respond to the compliment in the sweetest ways like these. 

Sweet Responses To You Look Good

20. “And you’re looking cute today.”  

This friend often calls you Shawty, but now says you’re looking good. 

To make them say it more often, this is a cute response. 

21. “You presented this dress to me. Do you forget that?” 

They have no idea that this dress is from them. 

Maybe they felt something special about it. 

You just remind them of this special gift and also thank them for their compliment and this perfect dress. 

22. “I was praying that you would notice me.” 

And you’re happy that your crush not just noticed you but also said something that you wanted to hear from them for a long time. 

23. “What do you mean? I’m looking like this forever.” 

It’s fine to be funny when your friend says you look good today. 

Maybe your friend has never seen you with that look but now. 

24. “Today I just decided to be myself.” 

This one is a clever reply to ‘You look good today’ compliment. 

Being yourself, you look and feel happy about who you’re

25. “Sorry for making you blush; I can see it.” 

While calling you ‘good looking’ this friend can’t control their blush. 

Being bold and direct, you just tell them that’s okay with you.

26. “If you see me that way, it means I’m really looking good now.”

Indeed, you’re looking so good now, than ever. 

That even the person who never complimented you or anyone else is now saying it. 

27. “Hey, you know how to make me feel good.” 

The compliments on your look make you feel better. 

It’s fine to tell them how their words make your mood or the entire day. 

28. “Guess what, I prepared this way just for you.”

Give your crush a hint that you are preparing good just for him or her.

You’re happy that with your look you get their attention.

29. “And….?”

Someone says ‘You look good’ and this response shows you wait for more. 

Either you want more compliments or just ask if they have something more to say afterward. 

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How To Respond To “You Look Good”?

No matter who is saying this to you, it is a compliment that we normally like to hear often. 

You can thank them for this, acknowledge their compliment, and express how such words make your day eventually. 

Sometimes, saying just ‘Thanks for noticing me’ is more than enough.

While if this is from someone you are closely related with like your partner or crush, you want your response to “You look good” to be extra special.

You could make it a sweet, cute, or flirty reply the way you want it.

Just make sure to handle it confidently and that you are really happy that they say it.


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