9 Funny Replies To “What’s New With You?”

  • February 23, 2024

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Even though there’s a lot to share, you mostly end up saying ‘Nothing much’ while answering “What’s new with you?”.

Next time, when someone asks so, don’t make it another small talk. 

Try to have an interesting chat, instead. 

Especially a friend who uses this phrase to start a conversation, give them something new.

More like these witty and funny answers, that will surprise them for sure. 

If you want to skip another boring regular conversation, we have these better responses for you to try. 


How To Reply To “What’s New With You”?

Well, the question ‘What’s new?’ works as a typical conversation starter.

Also, the way you answer it makes the difference. 

You could make it another boring chat about current news or your life problems. 

But, sometimes, you want to discuss something new, like there’s really something new with you.

So, you need to have some creative or funny answers ready for ‘What’s new with you?’ question that comes to you in person or over text. 

How To Reply To What's New With You

1. “You notice there is something new. So, you can better tell me what it is.”

This one is a clever reply you can give to someone you met after a long time. 

Because it’s your friend who feels like there’s something new with you, they can tell how you’ve changed lately.

2. “New?? Nah, man. I’m still that old one that you know me.” 

Your old friend and you get to see each other after many years. 

They are curious to know if there is something new to discuss. 

But you tell them you’re the same person they used to know and nothing has changed. 

3. “What part of me do you think is new?” 

You’re texting with your lover or recent match and they ask ‘What’s new with you?’. 

This shows they want to keep the chat going.

Being flirty you’re sharing this response and it will get their attention. 

4. “Lots of things have changed since our last meeting. I don’t know what you’re asking about?”

From your last meeting, a lot of things happened in your life.

You’re not sure where to begin. 

So you tell this friend that there are many new things to discuss. 

5. “Glad you notice, I recently had an update in my system.”

Your bestie already knows about what’s on your mind or in your life lately. 

Instead of saying anything directly, this funny answer makes the situation hilarious. 

funny response to what's new with you

6. “Nothing. I’m sure you might have something to say.”

You have nothing to say or talk about at the time. 

But you are sure that someone who asks ‘What’s new?’ might have something to discuss from their end. 

So, you’re just giving them a chance to say it. 

7. “There’s nothing new. Life has been going the same way as always.” 

You see no change in the way you live and the way this friend approaches you. 

When you feel bored and not in a good mood, this response is enough.

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8. “Ummm…. I think I bought these new shoes. Do you like it?” 

As you know, you don’t see anything new with you. 

But, yeah, you bought something. 

Maybe this person is curious about that, though. 

Indeed, a funny response to share. 

Hope you two have something to talk about for the next seven minutes minimum. 

9. “How do you know? Are you keeping an eye on me?” 

A sarcastic reply to give someone who just curiously asks what is new with you.

This person is nosy and often wants to get the information out.

So now, you directly target their ‘annoying’ habit.


What Does “What’s New” Mean?

When someone asks you ‘What’s new with you?’ they are actually interested in discussing something with you. 

Maybe they’ve noticed some change in you that you look different or you seem more confident than they ever know. 

Possibly, something good and more positive is going on with you which caught their attention. 

When Someone Asks What’s new with you

In other cases, most people use the phrase ‘What’s new?’ to at least get some conversation started. 

It does not matter to them if it’s the same regular discussion or something new, but they at least need something to talk about. 

With friends who do not take you seriously and always have to talk about anything, such funny responses to ‘What’s new with you?’ eventually open up the creative conversation. 

And, we’re sure about that.


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