18 Cute (And, Funny) Responses To “I Love You, Too”

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Hearing ‘I love you, too’ from your partner is kinda romantic.   

But, it becomes a routine reaction from them, everytime you say ‘I love you’.

Then, these magical three words lose their essence.

Indeed, it is no longer romantic when it becomes regular. 

So, what can you do to avoid that?

Well, of course, you can try some better ways to respond to ‘I love you, too’ from your lover.

When you say something creative, it gets their attention, for sure. 

Here we’re suggesting some fresh responses to ‘Love you, too’ whether you get this reaction in person or text. 

This way breaks the silence after exchanging your love and stimulates a conversation.  


Cute Responses To “I Love You, Too”

Your love doesn’t stop at getting ‘Love you, too’ from your partner. 

This time you wish this conversation could last long for a while. 

In texting, when your girlfriend or wife says ‘I love you, too’, this is what you can say to make her feel special. 

Cute Responses To I Love You Too

1. “But, I love you more. Remember that.” 

Maybe you’re in the mood to start a cute ‘love you more’ argument here. 

You just get her to react romantically here.

2. “I love you, too, too.” 

You want to say something to make her smile for the day.

So, you can respond in such a way. 

Like she adds just ‘too’ to what you said. You added your ‘too’ to what she said. 

3. “Tell me how much you really love me?” 

Here, you’re not doubting their feelings for you.

But, you just ask so to know what they’re thinking about you. 

You also might be ready to show how much you love them, too. 

4. “I’m here to love you forever and anytime, Are you, too?” 

You tell her that she’s your top priority. 

There’s nothing more important than her to you. 

5. “Then, why don’t you make me love like I do?”

Well, saying ‘make me’ is a flirty thing to say to your partner. 

You expect some flirty text from her or make her show more love to you. 

6. “Do you, really? I never knew that.” 

While texting with your girlfriend, you say this in a cute way. 

It’s like you’re first-time hearing this and actually happy to hear that. 

7. “So, tell me what makes you love me the most.” 

You’re asking so to find something that they love about you. 

Share this with your girlfriend when your relationship is developing. 

Also because you’ve got a lot to learn about each other. 

8. “And, I’m so grateful for your love for me.” 

Her love means everything to your life and she is the one. 

This sweet response is to appreciate her love for you. 

You feel lucky to have someone who loves you equally.

9. “Still, I’m the first one who fell in love.” 

It was you who fell in love with her at first sight. 

Respond to this as a romantic gesture. 

This one is a special response to make her feel nice about herself. 

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Funny Replies To “I Love You, Too”

You’re totally in a fun mood, and not going to accept just ‘Love you, too’ from him this time. 

So you’re ready to say something hilarious to tease him for a moment. 

Also, try some sarcastic replies to question their love but in a joking mood. 

If your partner is also in a fun mood or you two share such inside jokes, these funny responses you can share when your boyfriend or husband says ‘I love you, too!’ only. 

Funny Replies To I Love You Too

1. “That means we are perfect lovers, right? It’s a tie.” 

No more argument or debate on this topic anymore. 

You both love each other, equally.  

It’s a win-win, no one loses anything as you both love, too. 

2. “Good to know that, thanks.” 

You act normal because he also tries the regular response. 

This reply you share with your husband is a confirmation that it saves him this time. 

3. “Yeah, But not as I love you.”

Better you share this reply when you two are joking a lot. 

Else, use this response at your own risk. 

This might make him emotional like you don’t believe him. 

4. “Okay.”

It’s like you just act satisfied with this regular response. 

Then after, your partner instantly realizes that you expected something more to hear. 

It creates a fun situation because you act like you don’t care much. 

5. “You love me for what?”

Well, you have a ton of reasons to love him. 

That you can share on demand. 

But you also want to ask him what’s his reason to love you, too. 

6. “No you don’t.” 

You just act emotional here when your husband says I love you, too, and nothing special. 

Being sarcastic you tell him what you believe. 

This could create drama, so use it when you need it.

7. “Tell me something new? Or say it five times.” 

You can’t accept such routine love from your man. 

And as a cute punishment, you tell him to do something to show genuine love to you. 

8. “I love you ‘two’, who’s this second person?”

You’re confused here ‘too’ with ‘two’. 

It’s just a joke, like you misunderstand what he actually means. 

9. “That’s enough love for today, see you tomorrow.” 

This response is to ‘love you, too’ text from your new boyfriend. 

You act like your ‘love quota’ for the date is over.  

So there’s nothing more to love for today. 

And, it’s even hilarious when you reply in such a way in your three weeks-old relationship.

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How To Respond To “I Love You, Too”?

Saying ‘I love you’ and replying with ‘Love you, too, babe!’ might be your routine every time you end a chat or before leaving home for work. 

Generally, it’s the regular reaction to show that ‘I also love you, as you do’. That’s it. 

So, in most cases, you don’t need to reply to ‘love you, too’. 

You can just go on your way, after that.

How To Respond To I Love You, Too

But when you want to keep the conversation going or you’re really in a romantic mood, you don’t want to let your love end there. 

In such a case, you want to respond to ‘I love you, too’, as how your mood is. 

Like you can try romantic, cute, funny, and sarcastic replies to ‘I love you, too’ that we just shared with you.  

Just be sure that your partner doesn’t feel that you’re making fun of their love.


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