27 Good Comebacks To Win “I Love You More” Argument

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You and your partner often argue over who loves more. Sweet!!

Well, a cute war like this shows you’re in a healthy relationship.

When you both are trying to prove ‘No, I love you more’.

You can accept it, express how lucky you are, or even give the good comebacks.

Look for better ways to make your love connection stronger. 

In this post, we’re presenting the funny, cute, witty overall only best comebacks to win the “I love you more” argument with your lover. 


Cute Replies To “I Love You More” Competition

If you and your partner are casually fighting to prove who loves each other more, the competition is sweet. 

You already know and can’t thank them enough for how much they love you. 

So, if you want to accept that yes, they love you more, these cute comebacks are the right choice for the ‘I love you more’ argument.

Cute Replies To I Love You More

1. “And, I’m so grateful for that. There’s no denying it.”

You accept that there’s no point in a discussion. 

Your partner loves and cares for you, and that makes you feel blessed. 

When you reply to this, they feel respected as you appreciate them. 

2. “But I’m the one who falls in love first.” 

No matter how much they love you right now if you took the first move, you’re the winner. 

How could they love you this much, when you didn’t even take the initiative? 

You got one point for this one. 

3. “My love for you increases day by day.”

While your partner trying to convince you, they love you more, tell them that your love doesn’t stay the same, but increases over time. 

Maybe, to defend that they can even say, my love increases every hour. 

4. “That’s my only reason to live now.” 

From the day this favorite person is in your life, you feel like you have a purpose to live. 

In response to ‘I love you more’, here you say that the more they love, the more you love your life. 

5. “I know that and you don’t make me beg for it.”

They genuinely love you and they don’t even ask for anything much. 

You appreciate their love and show that you respect everything they do for you. 

6. “I just never tired of loving you. Do you?” 

This response also shows that you always make them your top priority. 

You always want to make them feel admired and respected. 

7. “Okay, but you’re my first and last love.”

You are really into this person and can’t think of anyone else. 

Rather than keep fighting over who loves more, you tell them that you wish to love them forever. 

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Funny Replies To “I Love You More” Game With Partner

You and your partner are not only a lovely couple. But, also lifelong friends. 

Along with love, you both like to laugh in every situation you get.

And when there’s an argument over who loves more, with these funny comebacks you are sure to make it a hilarious conversation. 

With these replies, you eventually prove that you love more comically. 

Funny Responses To I Love You More

1. “Who told you that? I did not say that yet.” 

At first, you act like you don’t feel so. Just to tease them a bit. 

Later you can just say that ‘Okay I accept that you love me more’.

2. “Love you as much as I hate my enemy.” 

They very well know how much you hate someone.

To make your point clear, they can imagine you love them at an extreme level. 

3. “Yeah, so much love that sometimes I feel like you’re my mom.” 

The way she calls you baby and loves you is nothing but pure love. 

She cares for you and makes your favorite dish when you want.

4. “Well, whatever love you get from me, it’s just ’35 percent’.”  

They might be thinking that they love you more, but you’ve not even shown your true love.

Plus, this is the signal that you want them to be ready for more love. 

5. “I love you so much that I can skip my soccer match for our date.” 

When you want to prove your love to them, do some sacrifices. 

Fine, you could do it with your favorite sport, game, food, or whatever. 

6. “Do you love me more than shopping?”

While your girlfriend argues that she loves you more, challenge her with this comeback. 

This could be anything that she loves you most. 

And, notice if she is also ready to sacrifice as you did. 

7. “That’s fine, but not as much as I love myself.” 

You’re just awesome and the way you’re you just love yourself. 

Share this fun response when you’re in a light mood and not arguing.


Witty Comebacks To “I Love You More” War Over Text

Maybe they have their points to win it. But don’t just lose an argument easily. 

When you reply with these cute and sweet comebacks, you might eventually make your partner believe that indeed, your love for them isn’t any less. 

Witty Comebacks To I Love You More Argument

1. “But, I love you the most.” 

While they just love you more, you love them the most than anything. 

This is just the simplest response, that might end the ‘love you more’ argument. 

2. “I don’t think so. Let us prove it.”

You take it personally. because you know that you love your partner more than they can. 

So, you take this argument into the competition which will decide who loves the more. 

3. “Same here.”

Well, your partner wants to make it a tough competition. 

But, you play smartly and just share this clever comeback to win. 

Instead of saying ‘No, It’s me who loves you more’, you can say this. 

4. “That’s what I’m about to say. Okay, fine. You win.” 

Sometimes, it’s better to accept your defeat than to prove your partner wrong. 

Actually, it’s a win for you, because you’re the one who gets more love. 

5. “Let’s take a selfie and see who looks happier.”  

Based on whose smile is genuine and brighter, it’s clear that they’re loved more. 

6. “Sometimes, that scares me. I feel afraid to be hard on myself, as you love me more than myself.”

Because if you do hurt yourself, you’ve to answer your partner on why you did that.

They love you more than you even can love yourself, that’s what this response says. 

7. “How much do you love, I love you an extra one point than that.” 

This is to end the argument right there even taking it any longer. 

You just played smart and tell them your love is a bit more than theirs. 

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Flirty Responses To “I Love You More” Fight

Sometimes, when you and your partner fight over whose love is more, this is your chance to make the next move. 

Play it right and turn this situation into a ‘win-win’ for both of you. 

Whether you want them to prove their love or you’ve planned something, these flirty replies will make the way. 

Flirty Responses To I Love You More

1. “If you loved me more, You would be here.”

You miss your boyfriend so hard that you wish he would be there with you. 

Possibly, just to prove his love, he might surprise you at any minute. 

2. “Okay, so I want you to prove that tonight.” 

Enough talking, you just want proof that they love you more than you do. 

You’re inviting your partner to come over and just love you.

3. “Then show me how much you love me.” 

You won’t accept it until they practically prove that they genuinely love you. 

Being flirty you can make them do something that you always wanted.

4. “I don’t believe you until you make me feel loved.” 

You both have just started the relationship and trying to prove who loves you more. 

With this flirty response, you express that then you should make the next move. 

5. “I can do that all day all night long.” 

You love them so much that you can do it any time when they need you. 

6. “Let see who can love better, Are you ready for the challenge?”

The war to show who is loving more in the relationship is about to start.

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How To Win The “I Love You More” Argument?

When your partner tries to prove that how they love you more, they could be right. 

But that doesn’t mean you love them any less. 

Sometimes they just compare your love with theirs by saying ‘I love you more’ statement. 

How to win the i love you more argument

To prove your love for them, you can do anything. 

You can do anything, just you want to know what they want from you

While there’s still a debate over who loves more, you must have to say something to defend your love for them. 

Here we’ve provided you with the best comebacks and you can choose from being cute, funny, or, witty to win “I love you more” argument. 

Whatever way you choose, do anything that eventually makes your love for each other stronger and deeper.

All the best!


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