12 Best Answers To “What Do You Want From Me?”

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When someone asks ‘What do you want from me?’, be honest and just tell them what it is. 

There’s no perfect answer for that.

Because what you want, you know it better. 

In another case, if you’re not sure what you want from them, or looking for some interesting responses to share, we’ve got some best ways to respond to this question.

Whether it’s your online friend or someone you met recently, here are the funny replies you can give on being asked ‘What do you want?’ in person or over text.


How To Answer To “What Do You Want From Me”?

While talking to someone when they’re confused as you are unable to explain, this may irritate them. 

In frustration, a guy or girl may ask you, what do you want from me, at last?  

This means they want you to be clear and tell what’s on your mind at the time. 

How To Answer To What Do You Want From Me

Don’t make it hard for you also. Give them an honest response. 

Sometimes, even if you have no answer.

Just you don’t want to share it at that time.  

So, in such situations, you can give them some better responses when you don’t want to answer or this isn’t the right time. 

1. “I just want to befriend you, that’s it.” 

You might have clear intentions like taking them on a romantic dinner or planning to get married

But as you both have a lot to learn about, be patient and share this response instead. 

2. “Your love that’s the only thing I want.” 

When your crush asks ‘What do you want from me?’, take this chance and just say it. 

Make sure that the time is right and that she is in a good mood. 

3. “I just want to see your smile (like every day).”

Just their happy face is what you want. 

You don’t need anything more. 

And, adding you want to see it every day, make it a cute response to share with your girlfriend. 

4. “I want five minutes of your time, can I get it?”

You want to be with them for some time. 

Here you want their company. 

Ask them about their weekend plans, if you want to spend more time together.

5. “I don’t want anything from you, I just want you.” 

When a girl asks ‘What do you want from me?’ Maybe she’s being suspicious of you. 

Your witty response like this will change her perspective on you. 

That, you’re not like every other guy she comes across. 

6. “I want your confession that you also have a huge crush on me.” 

You’re just done playing this hide-and-seek game with your crush. 

That’s it, no more. 

Here you just want your crush to say I love you, because that’s what you’ve been feeling and wanted to hear. 

When A Girl Asks What Do You Want From Me

7. “A happy married life.” 

With this answer, you get the attention of your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

Proving that you’re serious about your relationship and exactly knows what you want. 

8. “I don’t think I can ever get what I want from you.”

While someone asks ‘What do you want from me?’ In all frustration, this response will break down their ego immediately. 

Here, you’re talking about mental peace, understanding, support, love, and respect….

9. “I want you to want me as much as I want you.

In simple terms, you just want them to love you more than you do. 

This one is a funny answer, but be careful of this one as it creates confusion. 

10. “I want just the truth- which you are hiding from me.”

Somehow you found that this person has been playing with your feelings. 

They take advantage of you and now ask what you want from them.  

You want some clarifications, to decide if to keep this connection or not. 

11. “I don’t want you, I need you.”

You don’t want her body or anything that she feels like. 

All you want is her, with you and you want to live a good life together. 

Telling a girl that ‘I need you, shows that she’s not your desire but a need for life. 

12. “Well, I don’t even know what I want from me.” 

While they think you want something from them, tell them you’re also confused.

You have no idea what you want from your life and are not sure what they’re talking about. 

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When Someone Asks What You Want From Them

No matter if someone asks you ‘What do you want from me?’ in frustration or a normal mood, you want to be clear with your needs or wants. 

Be honest and say what you want from them or your connection. 

When Someone Asks What Do You Want From Me

You just want to be sure that the time to share it- is right. 

Not just a perfect time. But the right one. 

When you’ve no answer on hand or want some time, but you have to reply anyway, you can use these answers to ‘What do you want?’ as your available option.

Try these the way that suits you well.  


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