9 Ways To Respond To “Do Whatever You Want”

  • February 14, 2024

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When someone says ‘Do whatever you want’ this instantly feels like they mean, ‘I don’t care about you anymore’

And, this hurts the most, especially when your parents or loved ones say to you. 

Maybe you discuss your distinctive career choices with your parents or your loved one gets mad at you while making mutual decisions. 

You’ve not intended to make them say it.

But they said that anyway. 

This leaves you hopeless, not sure how to respond and how to convince them that whatever you do seems right for you. 

Oftentimes, you do it for them actually. 


When Someone Says “Do Whatever You Want To Do”

If your parents are showing such a careless nature or your partner can’t relate to your planning, here are some ways to reply when they tell you to do as you, please. 

These are our just suggestions, it’s appropriate that you respond based on your situation and connection with that person. 

When Someone Says Do Whatever You Want

1. “Are you sure about this?”

You’re all ready to do whatever you ever wanted and now finally they say this to you.

And, you just want to confirm that.

Before you start doing whatever you want.

2. “But I don’t know what I actually want to do.”

Well, you don’t want to do things all alone. 

You need this person because you’re doing it for your both’s lives. 

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3. “For your kind information, I’ve been doing the same.” 

Yeah, they don’t need to tell you to do whatever you do. 

It’s been a long time since you’ve been doing the same. 

4. “Like, what? Please elaborate on this.”

They indirectly advise you to do what you want. 

And by saying this, you sarcastically ask them for some suggestions. 

Because they also have been doing whatever they want to do or say.  

5. “No, please. I can’t do it all alone, I need you.”

Your partner shows they don’t care about what you’re doing. 

Well, being nice when you tell them I need you with me’ may make them change their careless nature.  

It is like admitting that ‘I’m nothing without you’ to save the connection. 

6. “Finally, thanks a lot for letting me free.”

 You are just tired of the controlling nature of someone. 

Maybe that’s your parents or partner who habitually interrupts you in everything.

But, as they say, this, you can’t express how free you feel all these years. 

7. “Fine. I’m doing nothing, Now, Happy?”

You ask, ‘Are you happy?’ in a sarcastic tone.

In some cases, when they leave you to do as you wish, they secretly intend you to do as they suggest and not as per you.

This way they try to manipulate you to do something. 

When their behavior hurts you, you can just tell them that you are just not doing it anymore. 

8. “How can you do this alone? Whatever I do, it’s for us.”

You are shocked by such mean behavior of your family members. 

This what you suggest is not just for you.

You think of your people the same as you do about yourself. 

Here you try to resolve the conflict by being nice, when someone says ‘Do whatever you want to do’ in an angry tone.

9. “Then, what do you think, I have been doing so far?”

This is a clever response that actually says that so far you have been doing and acting however you want.

You are not in anyone’s control and are responsible for your acts.

Also, it says that you just act like you listen to them.

But you have been doing the way you feel right.

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What Does “Do Whatever You Want” Mean?

While arguing with your nearest people, hearing ‘do whatever you want’ means they no longer care about what you do or say. 

They just leave you with your opinion and stop saying anything. 

Maybe they try to explain something and you don’t get what they mean by it. 

What Does Do Whatever You Want Mean

Sometimes, instead of doing it all alone, it’s good that you sit with that person and listen to them regarding what they are trying to explain. 

Because you both want something else and need to come to a common ground.

If they’re your closest person, inform them that you’re for them and they’re for you.

You didn’t expect such a careless response from them.


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