15 (Funny &) Savage Responses To “You’re Just Jealous”

  • February 19, 2024

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It’s so shocking when someone says that you’re just jealous of them. 

Like what makes them even think so?

In an argument with someone, you often hear something that you don’t expect. 

There’s no logic in that. 

Same as you being jealous. It’s hard to believe you or anyone. 

But you can’t take it as it is. 

You better have something to say and this article will help you with that. 

Here you will find the good comebacks on being called jealous, when you never felt so for anyone. 


What To Say When Someone Thinks You’re Jealous Of Them?

They believe that they are ‘something’. More than anyone around. 

It could be that they are so proud of what they have owned, or achieved. 

Being around you feel that this person has an attitude issue. 

While you are just focusing on yourself and trying to get better than yourself. That’s it. 

What To Say When Someone Thinks You're Jealous Of Them

But someone believes and so they call you jealous.

There’s no reason or proof they can support to prove it. 

Maybe they want to insult you or make you feel bad in front of others. 

If that’s their goal, then you better have these sarcastic and funny responses ready to call you jealous. 

When you deliver such a response at the time, it will hurt their attitude. 

1. “I’m jealous of you, Okay? Give me just one good reason, why?” 

You don’t see any reason to be jealous of them. 

Give this sarcastic response to check what they say next. 

2. “Do you think I feel jealous because you have more followers than me?”

If they ‘Yes, of course, what else could be!’, you can tell them that you’re not even on social media

3. “I would rather say it’s your insecurity, not my jealousy.” 

You share this clever comeback on being called jealous by someone who thinks they are better than you. 

It’s them who try to look better than they are. 

You don’t seek attention like them. 

4. “Yeah, you got me. I’m so jealous because you have everything better than me.”

This one is a sarcastic response to tell them that you’re jealous. 

Actually, you’re taunting them because despite having nothing they still believe they are something.  

Sarcastic Response to You're So Jealous

5. “To make me jealous, you at least have to have something. Not just anything.”

And you’re so sure that they have nothing that could make you jealous. 

This is a clever response to make someone show their place when they believe that you are jealous of them. 

6. “I heard it from someone for the first time. I can’t believe it.” 

In your connection, only this person who thinks that you’re jealous. 

You better know that you never carry envy for this or anyone else. 

7. “That’s what you think? Fine, but I’m not jealous of anyone, though.” 

You are so busy in your life and improving yourself alone.

That you have no time to look at others and what they are doing in their life. 

So there’s no reason to be jealous of anyone. 

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8. “Look at you, you’re so perfect and I’m not. Of course, I’m jealous.” 

This is a funny response and you share it like you are joking with them.

Everyone knows this person’s reality. 

And, because you share this comeback, they will laugh at this friend who calls you jealous. 

Funny Reply to You're Just Jealous

9. “Do you even know what jealous means?”

It’s a false statement and you’re not accepting that. 

You never feel jealous of anyone, but why this person is saying that?

This savage comeback will shut someone down for calling you jealous for no reason. 

10. “I don’t even know you, who are you? Never mind, I don’t want to know you.”

It’s so surprising how they can call you jealous. 

You barely know about that. 

Even if you don’t want to know them. 

11. “How can you Imagine that I will ever wish to live like you?” 

Tell them that you live the best life you ever dreamt of already. 

You’re happy for everyone who doing good in life. 

But jealousy towards anyone, that’s not what you do. 

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12. “Ohh, seriously? Since when?” 

Share this sarcastic response to someone who believes that you’re just jealous of them. 

13. “It’s not just me, everyone is jealous of you. Does that make you happy?”

Of course, everyone is so jealous of them, because this person is so great at everything. 

You’re just using sarcasm to make them update their beliefs and thinking. 

14. “That’s the wrong word. I’m just curious.”

Someone calls you ‘Jealous’ and refuse to share anything to you.

In return, you tell them that you are not jealous, but curious to know something.

But fine, if they want to tell nothing.

15. “How could I be jealous? I’m better than you in every case.”  

This might be a rude response, but they deserve it for calling you jealous. 

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When Someone Thinks You’re Just Jealous Of Them

Possible that that someone who says you are jealous of them actually is feeling the same about you. 

They can’t resist you being so cool and relaxed. 

While they are always furious, trying to get attention. Even if they have more than you have. 

It’s them who secretly compare with you. They want to look better than you. 

Not you, so that’s not your problem

When Someone Says You’re Jealous

When there’s anyone who envies you or tries to show that you’re just jealous of them, you don’t have to pay much attention to it. 

It’s how they feel and believe. Let them do it. 

And if they make such a statement to insult you, you can put them off with such great comebacks for calling you jealous for no reason. 

After that, just forget about them and keep working on yourself. 

Leave them behind with whatever they think.


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