11 Formal Ways To Respond To A Meeting Cancellation Email

  • February 20, 2024

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You might be ready for a meeting with your prospective client.    

But, it’s also important that you know how to handle the last meeting cancellation through email, formally. 

As, this could happen anytime.

To keep a meeting possibility open and to have a sound professional impression, you need polite and professional responses to share when your meeting gets canceled.

In this article, we are sharing the best examples of how to do it appropriately. 


How To Respond To A Meeting Cancellation Email?

You’re all set to make your best presentation, but your client canceled the meeting at the last minute. 

Well, instead of taking it as a rejection straight, you better look at the reason. 

After all, what made them cancel this meeting? 

How To Respond To A Meeting Cancellation Email

You can make the required adjustments according to the meeting’s needs and purpose. 

For that, you need the reason first. 

Do you want to know what to say and how to make your replies polite and formal? 

So here are example responses you can share when you receive meeting cancellation mail from your client or customer. 

1. “I can understand that. So, when is the best time for our meeting?”

Maybe they are busy at the time or some other priorities come up. 

You can relate to that as well. 

So you here check if the client is expecting this meeting to be rescheduled or not.

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2. “Noted that. Could you please let me know a convenient time for our next meeting then?” 

This meeting might be canceled, but you’re asking for their convenience before rescheduling it. 

Such a formal reply expresses that you want your meeting to be successful.

And you’re fine with what time works well for them. 

3. “I hope everything is alright on your end. This sudden cancellation of the meeting makes me concerned.”  

This is the last-minute interview cancelation and it is indeed surprising. 

Such polite responses express that you care about your client or customer.

4. “No problem, we can schedule this meeting for tomorrow. Is that fine to you?”

You accept their reason for canceling this meeting, whatever it is. 

But, with this formal reply, you reschedule the meeting. 

Also, you confirm their best time availability to check if that’s okay with them? 

5. “Would you please share the reason why you want to cancel this meeting? 

Your prospect must have some reason for the sudden meeting cancellation. 

Share this polite reply to ask why they want to cancel this meeting. 

Polite response to a last minute meeting cancellation

6. “As you please. It would be good if you provide me with the reason for canceling this meeting.”  

You accept their decision for not showing up for the meeting.

Also, you formally ask a client for a reason to withdraw this meeting in the mail. 

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7. “Can you please enlighten me of this last-minute cancellation?” 

You’ve prepared everything for this meeting to go well. 

And at the last moment, you get mail from the client that this meeting is canceled now. 

You have no idea what to say or what happens, so you ask for some information. 

8. “Don’t worry, we can understand you might have some reason for it. Please share the next best time that would work well for you.” 

If you want to check their genuine interest in meeting, this is a good response. 

When a client shares the perfect time for a meeting, they are still interested.

Just they have no time for this right now. 

And if they excuses such as ‘I will let you know’ or ‘I’ll get back to you’, this means there’s no point in keeping following them for a meeting.

9. “That’s surprising to hear that. Is there anything with the agenda? We can discuss it, if any.”

You have no clue what happened and why they suddenly canceled the meeting.

So you want to be sure that they know the goal of this meeting and how important it is. 

Professional response to cancellation of meeting in mail

10. “If you want more time to understand our services, we can schedule a call.” 

The customer sent you a meeting cancellation mail a few years before that.

You politely tell them to ‘Please take your time‘ to finalize this deal.

You’re fine with that. 

It shows that you don’t want to force them a meeting and get the deal done. 

But you also value their decision and are ready to help in any way you can. 

11. “Could we reschedule our meeting virtually, instead? I think that’s possible, Right?”

It might seem that you’re being persuasive here. 

But you’re just suggesting the option available for you. 

Sometimes a one-to-one meeting takes longer time. 

And valuing their other work commitments, you ask if your prospect is available for an online meeting. 

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When Someone Cancels The Meeting Over Mail

You might have prepared every way for this meeting with your prospects. 

But as they canceled a few hours ago or at the last minute, you need to show your patience and professionalism throughout. 

You can ask for the reasons for this meeting cancellation in an email. 

As they are canceling the meeting there’s no point in trying to convince them to show up. 

When Client Cancels The Meeting Over Mail

Maybe they have some personal and urgent reason.

You should accept that. 

The polite and formal approach you show while responding to a meeting cancellation email expresses that you value their priorities. 

You don’t force meetings on them but also value their time availability before you reschedule it. 

Such professional gesture in developing connections leaves a good impression. 


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