58 Best “Thank You” Replies To Work Anniversary Congratulation Wishes

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A work anniversary is a milestone in your professional career at one company.

Whether you completed five or just one year at work, you receive “Work anniversary” wishes from your boss, manager, colleagues, and team. 

Like they take time to congratulate you on your work anniversary, you should express your sincere gratitude. 

Well, sincere means, this has to be more than just ‘Thanks’. 

Make sure you acknowledge their respect and appreciation in the right way.  

So, in this post, we are sharing the best ways you can respond to congratulations for your work anniversary messages or mails.  


Good Replies To “Work Anniversary Wishes” From Your Manager

When your manager or superior wishes you on your work anniversary, this is what you can say to accept their greetings. 

This is also the way to thank them for the guidance, they have provided in these past years.  

Good Replies To Work Anniversary Wishes From Manager

1. “Thank you for making this day special with your heartfelt anniversary greetings.” 

2. “It’s your support that helps me to keep doing my best work here. Thanks for that!”

3. “I truly appreciate the encouragement you provided in this entire journey.” 

4. “Thank you for your good wishes and the support you provided all these years.” 

5. “Last year was a bit challenging for me. But I’m happy that I’ve your support.” 

6. “I don’t think I could do it without your support. Thank you for your support in every step.” 

7. “Your work anniversary message means a lot to me. I appreciate your wishes.” 

8. “I like to give credit to your constant support for this milestone. Thanks for being there.” 

9. “So happy to be part of your team. I have so much to learn from you.” 

10. “Thank you for your warm work anniversary wishes, I appreciate it truly.”

11. “Working with you is such an amazing experience for me. I’m happy to work with you.” 

12. “You’re someone I look up to when I need some help and you support me every time.” 


Best Ways To Thank For “Work Anniversary Wishes” To Your Boss

When your boss or employer takes time to congratulate you on your work anniversary, it’s an appreciation. 

This shows they value you and respect your contribution to the company. 

To such a thoughtful gesture, here’s how you can respond to work anniversary wishes to thank for it genuinely. 

Best Ways To Thank For Work Anniversary Wishes To Boss

1. “Thank you boss for your kind work anniversary. Happy to be part of this company.” 

2. “It’s your support and trust in me that helped me to do my best. And I will keep doing it.” 

3. “I like to thank you for everything. It’s only possible because of your faith in me.” 

4. “You helped me in every stage of my professional career. You’re my inspiration, sir!”

5. “I feel really lucky to work under a leader like you. I learned so much in these past years.” 

6. “Thanks for your kind words, I’m excited to keep doing my best work for this company.” 

7. “Working with a boss like you is such a dream. I’m so happy to be here.” 

8. “Thank you for taking the time and sending me work anniversary wishes. I truly appreciate it.” 

9. “Your respect and appreciation mean a lot to me. Thank you for always being supportive.” 

10. “I feel so valued here. Thank you for your work anniversary wishes and everything.” 

11. “It’s just one year, and I know I have a long way to go here. Thanks for your wishes.” 

12. “With your support, I feel motivated every day to work harder, I’m ready for another year.” 

13. “I like to thank you for giving me a chance here. I’ll never forget your support for me.” 

14. “Your anniversaries mean a lot to me. Thank you for remembering it and making this day a special one.” 

15. “Thank you for being my supporter, because of you I feel so confident and encouraged to work here.”

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Polite Responses To “Anniversary Wishes” From Colleagues

Your colleagues are the ones you have spent the most time at work with. 

So when you get a warm congratulatory message from your coworker or colleague, you can appreciate their presence to share this work journey with you.

Either being supportive or entertaining, they have helped you a lot past year. 

Polite Responses To Anniversary Wishes From Colleagues

1. “I never felt like working here anymore, I felt like It was my home. All because of you.” 

2. “It was such an amazing journey here, I seriously thank you all for your greetings.” 

3. “I’m so lucky to have teammates and colleagues like you to support me all these years.” 

4. “Your anniversary greetings make me feel appreciated for my role in the team.” 

5. “I’m looking forward to working here for many more years. Thanks for your warm wishes.” 

6. “Thank you for being part of my professional journey, I appreciate your support.” 

7. “Your positive and supportive nature is what keeps me here in the company.” 

8. “Working with you every day is so much fun. I never felt bored here, thanks.” 

9. “Thank you for being my amazing work friend. Your work anniversary wish matters.”

10. “You brightened my day with your genuine work anniversary message. Thanks.” 

11. “Having a coworker like you is such a blessing to me, you helped me in many ways.” 

12. “Dear colleague, now I would like to thank you for all the support you provided me last year.” 

13. “I think I’m so lucky to have such like-minded and supportive colleagues like you all.”

14. “Thank you every one of you for your anniversary wishes. This is just a one year there’s more to go.”  


Respectful Ways To Respond To “Work Anniversary Greetings” From Team

If your team has arranged some small celebration or they send you a group anniversary wish, this shows they value you in the team. 

They celebrate your work anniversary genuinely and are glad to have you around. 

You could thank them, as a normal reaction. 

But as their work anniversary wishes make your day already, you better show that you feel valued and acknowledge their greetings truly. 

Respectful Ways To Respond To Work Anniversary Greetings From Team

1. “I can’t believe that It’s already been a year. Thank you all for your wishes and support.”

2. “Thank you for making it a special day, I appreciate your anniversary wishes for me.” 

3. “It has been such a wonderful experience working with you all. I love working in this company.” 

4. “I’m grateful for being part of this great team. You make work life a lot easier.” 

5. “Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Because of you, I never feel alone here.”

6. “I always want to work with a dedicated team, thank you for your wishes.” 

7. “Still it doesn’t feel like it’s a year since I’ve been here. Time really flies fast. And, I must say this is the best team ever.” 

8. “I seriously can’t thank you enough for your thoughtful anniversary wishes.”

9. “To each and every one of you, I like to thank you for your heartfelt greetings.” 

10. “Wow, what an amazing year it was. But don’t worry I’m here for more.” 

11. “Honestly, you’re the best team I have ever worked with. Thank you all for your thoughtful greeting.” 

12. “It’s been a great experience to work with you all, and I’m happy to be one of you.” 

13. “I’m ready for another awesome year, I hope you all are, too.” 

14. “No idea how fast this time goes. But I must say that I enjoyed working alongside with all of you.”

15. “This past year I learned so much from you guys. I like to thank you for everything and this celebration in particular.”

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How To Respond To Work Anniversary Wishes?

Your boss, manager, colleague, and team, make your anniversary day a truly special one. 

If it’s a small celebration or their wishes, thought messages. 

But, you feel appreciated for such a special gesture. 

You know that, it might be you who completed some years at this work. 

How To Respond To Work Anniversary Wishes

But you can’t ignore the constant support and motivation they provided you all these times. 

Like they share their genuine wishes on your work anniversary, you show your gratitude.

When you want to express your sincere appreciation, we have shared the best thank you replies to your work anniversary from your professional connection. 

Your response shows how their congratulatory messages make you feel respected at work. 

It’s also your chance to acknowledge all the support, motivation, and guidance they have provided in the past years. 


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