22 Good Comebacks For Annoying People To Keep Them Away

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Ahhh, those annoying people! They are everywhere!

You meet them at school, in the office, on the street, and even during an evening walk.    

Wish you could stay away from them. 

Well, you’ve to be smart with what you say around them especially when you deal with them every day. 

Because they are so great at arguing. 

To enjoy the peace (and avoid annoyance), here are the best comebacks you can give to annoying people, like a friend, neighbor, or coworker who bothers you constantly.  


What To Say To An Annoying Person?

Do you have that friend whose talk always annoys you? 

Or, the neighbors who spoil your mood when you hope to make it a great day

Else, you may have those annoying aunts and uncles who have to advise you on anything. 

All they do is get under your skin and waste your time.  

What To Say To An Annoying Person

Like, it’s their job and they have nothing else to do. 

If you don’t want to be around them anymore (but you have to), you need some smart and clever comebacks to give while dealing with those annoying people. 

To shut them down or to keep them away from you, this is what you can say when an annoying person doesn’t give up easily. 

1. “Are you about to say something? Wait, let me put my headphones on.” 

Because you bought the new headphone which says ‘noise cancelation’. 

2. “I wish you could meet someone just like you.” 

This way they will know how annoying they are. 

3. “Why do you want to know everything? Are you secretly working as a detective?” 

Their nosy nature to know everything is so annoying. 

4. “No I’m not mad at you, this is my regular reaction to your BS.” 

Tell them it’s the same reaction you give them every time. 

But they noticed it just now. 

5. “Before I start to say anything, you must leave this place.” 

Because you’re going to get so harsh and honest about their nature this time. 

And they might not get any chance to leave when you start. 

6. “Oh, where have you been? I didn’t miss you at all.” 

After all, why does anyone miss the annoying person? 

You felt so relaxed and worked in peace when this annoying coworker was absent. 

7. “This is the first time you talk about something meaningful.” 

A sarcastic response to an annoying person to give them feedback on how you take them. 

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8. “What I like the most about our friendship is- that we don’t meet every day.”  

Thank god, due to that you don’t have to face such annoyance every day. 

Savage Response To Annoying Friend

9. “I am not in the mood to argue mainly today. Particularly, with you.” 

Because you want to make this day good and up to doing important things. 

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10. “Please stop it, I don’t want to hear anything from you.”

They talk nonsense and something hard to believe. 

You want to keep your distance from this annoying friend.  

11. “So that’s your opinion. Now let me share what I think about you.” 

You heard enough from them. 

And, now it’s your turn to say and you’re going to be honest with them. 

12. “Being with you makes no sense, so I choose to leave now.”

Such an honest and direct response to give your annoying friends to keep them at a distance. 

13. “Why me? Please don’t tell me that I’m your favorite target.” 

You beg for mercy because you can’t tolerate such nonsense from this annoying person. 

14. “You’re so creative, but I’m not the right person for your stories.” 

It will confuse them whether you compliment their creativity or insult this friend for their nonsense. 

15. “Can you just spare me today? This isn’t a good day for me.”

And, you don’t want to be so hard and real with them today. 

It’s the first warning you should give to an annoying person. 

Clever Comebacks To Annoying Person

16. “Oh, you have something to say, but I don’t want to hear anything.” 

They never ask for permission to speak and you wish they would ask for it. 

17. “Do you know you look good only when you say nothing?” 

If you want them to shut up, this one is a clever comeback for an annoying person. 

18. “Can you take a break from annoying me today?” 

It’s a sincere request that you wish they would take it seriously. 

19. “Sorry, I’m having a good day today, don’t spoil my mood.” 

You want an annoying person to stay at a distance so you can respond this way when they start to talk. 

20. “I don’t mind if you don’t share anything with me.” 

As you really have no interest in getting any news from them. 

21. “What a great day it was, then I see you.” 

With just their appearance, they can spoil your day, hard to imagine what will happen when they start talking to you.

22. “I still waiting for the day, when you say something worth hearing you.”

And you’re so sure that that day never going to come.

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When You’re Dealing With Annoying People

You are in a hurry to go somewhere and this person isn’t stop talking. 

They pick ‘the single word’ from anything you say and make another story and another. 

They just have to say anything.  

Yes, annoying people do it all the time. 

When You’re Dealing With Annoying People

And they make you listen to them even if you don’t want to. 

Well, no matter if this is your annoying friend, neighbor, or relative, you don’t have to tolerate such annoyance. 

Stand up, be honest, and just tell them to stop annoying you. 

If you feel uncomfortable with that, you can use the shared best comebacks for annoying people to shut them down immediately. 

You’ve heard enough so this time you won’t let them annoy you anymore.  


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