12 (Savage &) Funny Replies To “I Don’t Know (IDK)”

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Some people just have a habit of saying ‘I don’t know’ to anything you say or ask them. 

That friend who doesn’t care about the discussion or when hiding something, uses this phrase.

But, you already know when they do it. 

Generally, when they text ‘IDK’ there’s no point in discussing anything further. 

But, with your friendly connections, you can still make the conversation engaging with your witty and funny replies in this situation. 


How To Respond To “I Don’t Know(IDK)”?

You want to have an awesome conversation with someone.

But, when you ask something curiously, their response ‘I don’t know’ feels off-putting.  

With your friend or someone, while talking about something sometimes, he or she keeps texting ‘IDK’ and that frustrates you.

To respond normally, you can either make them aware of the topic.

For laughter, make fun of their ignorance.

Like, how they can be so clueless about such things? 

When you’re sure that they’re lying or trying to be so innocent about something by saying ‘I don’t know’, try these funny replies over text or in person. 

How To Respond To I don’t Know

1. “Be clear with this. You don’t know or don’t want to talk about it?” 

When someone says ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’, respond straight like this. 

Based on that, you can either continue or skip the chat with them. 

2. “Where are you living, Still in the stone age?” 

This is the witty response to target that friend’s lack of knowledge. 

Actually, you could tell them to get a life and be more outside. 

3. “Is there anything you know? That would surprise me for sure.” 

Every time you ask something, they just respond with an ‘IDK’ text. 

And that makes you mad at them, so you respond sarcastically here.

You’re curious to know what is something that they actually know or care about. 

4. “Even kids these days know this very well. What are you doing, man!”

You’re talking about something viral on the internet. 

But your friend is always unaware and knows nothing. 

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5. “Or I can say you know more than anyone else.” 

Maybe they know much about something you just asked. 

But, they don’t want to talk about it with you. 

6. “And I don’t know what to do with you anymore.” 

You caught your friend doing something wrong behind your back. 

On asking, if they tell you they don’t know, it means they’re hiding something and you can feel it. 

This savage response, you can use to roast that fake friend who does the same often.

7. “Come on, man! You are like a walking encyclopedia. Why you don’t know about this?” 

You can’t believe how this person isn’t aware of such a thing. 

Share this witty response, when a nosy person says ‘I don’t know’, as this is surprising to you. 

8. “That’s fine. Don’t pressure your mind to think, it won’t help.” 

Try this funny response to your friend who is trying to remember something. 

You don’t want them to stress their brain cells, so you better text them to NVM (Never mind) at all. 

9. “Get it, then tell me what you exactly know.” 

You want to talk about something anyhow. 

But, with every topic you share, you get ‘IDK’ text back. 

At last, you just ask what they know, so you can chat about that only. 

11. “See? I’ve told you, he knows about nothing. Actually, he doesn’t even know the planet he’s on. I won, give me five dollars.”

You and your other friends were discussing and you know the habit of that friend. 

This one friend is always unaware of everything. 

And that’s what’s happening here again. 

12. “I can see that you know everything just pretend you understand nothing.”

Some friends act so secretive that they act like they do not know anything, but know everything. 

You know who that friend is in your group.

And you give this savage reply on their face. 

12. “So, let me show you something, I have proof. You might know that.” 

You asked them about something and they are totally lying about something. 

While they keep saying ‘I don’t know about this’, later you reveal that you got some proof. 

Maybe now they know everything. 

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What Does “I Don’t Know(IDK)” Mean?

When someone says ‘I don’t know’ in person or text you ‘IDK’, that means what you’re asking them or talking about they know nothing about. 

Maybe they know very well or not, but some people have a habit of saying it. 

They say it to avoid any trouble in the connection or they just don’t want to discuss it. 

What Does I Don’t Know (IDK) Mean

Especially when you’re texting with someone and when they text ‘IDK’, shows that this conversation is boring for them.

Or, they don’t fully trust you to talk about it. 

To respond to ‘I don’t know’, you generally change the topic. Or you can try to make them aware of something which they are unaware of. 

Before that, you also want to make sure if they really want to know about it or not. 


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