22 Best Answers To “What Do You Think About Me?” To A Girl (Or Guy)

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When someone asks, “What do you think about you?”, they mean how you see them as a person.

Depending on your connection, your answers may vary, no doubt. 

Being your friend, crush, or partner, they want to know how you see them.

If that person is genuine and responsible in a relationship, you should compliment them by admiring their good qualities.

So, this is your chance to cherish their good impression.

You better say something nice and positive here.

For your help, here we are sharing some example answers regarding how to respond when a guy or girl asks what you are thinking about him or her. 


(Cute Answers) When A Girl Asks “What Do You Think About Me?”

As your girlfriend or crush when she asks what you are thinking about her, you’ve to be very careful with what you answer. 

If you want to give your crush hints or want to make your girlfriend feel respected, here are some sweet replies you can share. 

This way you make her feel special about her and say what you truly think of her. 

When A Girl Asks What Do You Think About Me

1. “You know, when you’re not around, I miss you so much.” 

This shows she’s always on your mind when you’re not together. 

Such a cute answer to show her that you value her.  

2. “To be honest, when I think of you, I think of our future.”  

A genuine answer to share with your girlfriend regarding what you’re planning to do in this relationship.  

3. “You’re someone that I trust the most.” 

Tell her that she makes you believe in love again. 

And she’s someone you trust only or more than anyone else.

4. “I always feel so happy when you’re with me.” 

Her presence itself brings happiness to your life. 

When a girlfriend asks about her impression on your mind, this is such a respectful answer. 

5. “I’m thinking it’s time to introduce you to my family.”

You have been thinking of introducing your girlfriend to your family. 

Maybe you plan to welcome her into the family sooner or later.

6. “I’ve been thinking about you lately. I’ll share anything when we meet personally.” 

But you’re going to talk about it on your next date. 

When she asks you ‘What do you think about me?’ over text, you tell her it’s better if you discuss it in person. 

7. “Nah, first you tell me what you’re thinking of me.” 

You don’t want to take any risk here. 

So you first also want to know what she’s thinking about you. 

Also, because it is not clear why she’s asking such a question, this could be a good reply. 

8. “I enjoy your company, that’s what I have to say.” 

When she insists on sharing what you think of her, share this good reply. 

9. “Oh, I just can’t stop thinking about you. I don’t know where to start.” 

From her charming personality to her supportive nature, you admire everything about her.

10. “When I think about you, I think about our life together.” 

This is to show her that you’re serious about your relationship with her. 

11. “Well, I don’t think but I feel grateful to have you in my life.”

As a friend or girlfriend, you love everything about her.

This is kind of compliment you can share to a girl to show you value her presence.

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(Nice Answers) When A Guy Asks “What Do You Think Of Me?”

When a guy asks what you are thinking about him, he means it.

Like he wants to know if you’re happy with him, or what’s something that you like the most about him. 

He might be so confused about what you think of her, so he has to ask.

When this guy is good, you should compliment him. 

Here are some sweet responses you can give on being asked ‘What do you think of me?’ from your friend, boyfriend, or crush. 

When A Guy Asks What Do You Think Of Me

1. “I think you’re just a great guy that any girl dreams to be with.” 

You’re happy to be with him. 

He treats you well and importantly he has respect for your boundaries.  

2. “You’re fine. There’s no problem with you, Relax.” 

To your guy friend, you can share such a funny response.

And if you have a crush on him but you don’t want to reveal anything, tell him that he’s just fine. 

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3. “Think about me, regarding what? To start a business together?

You’re really good friends with each other. 

Maybe he’s asking so seriously, but you’re giving him such a funny answer. 

4. “To me you’re such a good friend. Actually, more than that.” 

Secretly you admit that you have a crush on him. 

When a guy asks so, he might want to be sure what you think of him. 

5. “Being with you makes me feel good about myself.” 

This guy knows how to make you feel better and positive in any situation. 

And, you can comfortably tell him that ‘You’re the best thing happened to me‘ to make it a special gesture.

6. “I have no way to show how awesome you are to me.” 

As a friend or boyfriend, he’s doing great

You can compliment him on his personality, nature, or how he makes you feel.

7. “You’re such a funny guy who always makes me smile when I don’t want to.” 

As a friend, when a guy asks what you think of him, this is a good answer. 

8. “I just can’t stop talking about you with my friends. You’re good, though.” 

His personality and character impressed you. 

That’s what you mean to say. 

If you want to say something other than ‘You’re too good for me‘, this is what you can say.

9. “I’m thinking about you just as friends. You’re such a nice guy.” 

He’s really a nice guy but you’re not thinking of him more than a friend. 

So this is how you respond as an honest reply. 

10. “You’re smart, you’re handsome. You care for me. And,..”

Indeed, a guy also likes to get compliments. 

So you praise him because he deserves that. 

11. “When I think about you, I feel like I’m with the right guy.” 

When your boyfriend asks what you think of him, share how much you trust him.

This will make him feel more respected. 

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How To Answer To “What Do You Think About Me”?

Well, we’ve shared some example answers to share when a guy or girl asks about what you think of them.

But if you want to make your response genuine and more personal, you should respond like how you feel or think about him or her.

Yes, it’s also important to consider what type of connection you expect from them.

So, check who’s asking this question.

Is this your friend, crush, boyfriend, or girlfriend?

How To Answer To What Do You Think About Me

There’s nothing perfect to say.

Just you have to be positive and nice with your answers. 

When someone asks “What do you think about me?” there might be many reasons why they want to know. 

Maybe they just ask so casually, want to know your thoughts and check if you value them or not. 

Especially, when you’re happy with them, it doesn’t matter if you like them as friends or have feelings for them, tell them that you have respect for their role in your life. 

Show that you admire their presence and think of them as a good person, as a friend, or as a partner.

That works great.


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