21 Flirty Responses To “You Made My Day” From A Girl (Or Guy)

  • February 16, 2024

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Hearing “You made my day” from someone special- feels so touching.    

After all, there’s nothing better than seeing your partner (or crush) happy because of you.

Such a small gesture from them expresses that what you do makes her (or him) feel good. 

It fills them with positivity or admiration.  

They appreciate you for uplifting them.

In-person or over text, when a guy or girl says “You made my day”, here we are sharing the best (and mostly flirty) responses to keep your chat captivating. 


How To Respond To “You Made My Day”?

When someone tells you that you made their day, normally you can just respond with ‘Thank you, I’m happy to hear that’. 

This shows you’re glad that your action brightens someone’s day. 

And if someone says so during chatting, you can respond sweetly.  

In texting, Aww, thank you’ and ‘That’s cute’ are good replies. 

How To Respond To You Made My Day

But when your girlfriend, boyfriend, or long-distance partner says ‘You made my day’ in text, your response must be nothing but special only. 

Because it made your day, eventually. 

Check out these flirty responses to “You made my day” message from your partner to have a playful conversation with them. 

1. “That’s nothing compared to you, my love. You made my whole life.” 

Tell your girlfriend or wife that you’re grateful to have her. 

This response respects her role in your life. 

2. “You know I’m better at it. I’m here to make anything good for you. Whether it’s your day or coffee.” 

It doesn’t matter if know how to do anything or not, but you can try anything.

Because you want to make their day. 

This is a funny response to show that you care about them. 

3. “Stop it, now you’re making me blush.” 

When a guy says how you made his day, you can respond this way. 

Tell him that such flirty things make you blush

In the text, you can express it by using emojis. 

4. “Thanks, ma’am. You can call me, if you have a bad day at work, I’m at your service to make your day again.” 

Share this cute response like this is part of your services. 

You get a positive reaction to your previous action, so you tell them to come back to you if they want someone to make their day good. 

It will make her smile because you give her attention. 

5. “If it made your day, then it made my day, too.”

How something affects them, it affects you as well. 

6. “I just thought that you might need this on the big day. I’m glad I made you feel better.”

You share positive and encouraging texts for your boyfriend

He has something big coming up. 

And with your small text you made him feel positive that’s what he needed. 

When guy says you made my day

7. “Well, I do what you do for me every day.” 

And, you have returned it in a better way. 

8. “By being here you can make my day, too.”

Tell her how much you wish to be with her on this special occasion. 

Some positive news made her day. 

In response, you tell her, this would be even better if she also be present with you right there. 

9. “For you I can do anything at any time.”

And it won’t be limited to ‘made her day’. 

You can do anything, just anything for your love. 

When Someone Shares You Made My Day Text

10. “Now it’s your turn to make my day, too.” 

When a girl says you made my day, you can share this cute request. 

Here you ask her to do something sweet for you as well. 

Next, she may ask ‘What do you want from me?’ so be ready for it. 

11. “Tomorrow this is going to be something more. Be prepared.”

Your crush tells you that you made her day.

But she has no idea what you have planned for her. 

And, this way you give her a hint. 

12. “Did you forget that you hired me to make your day?” 

A funny response to share with a girl who says you made her day. 

Funny response to you made my day

13. “Yeah it took me some time to understand. But now I know how to make your day.” 

Share this sweet reply to your match or crush you’re growing a connection with. 

This shows you’re learning more about her. 

14. “After all, you’re the best thing that happened to me.” 

So what you do, that all comes naturally to you. 

From making her laugh to making her day, you never know that you’re good at it.

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15. “And, I will keep trying until I know how to make your mood.”  

You are slowly investing in this connection.

Here you reached a stage to know how to make her day. 

And, in this flirty response, you share your next goal.

flirty response to you made my day

16. “So, you thought that I would let you deal with it alone?” 

Your text on partners having a rough day at work, makes them feel better. 

In your response, you show that you might be away but you still know how to take care of them.

17. “But I don’t want you to make my day. I want you to make my night.” 

Your partner tells you made their day, and in return, you expect a favor.

This shows that you’re in a flirty mood and not joking. 

18. “I like it as you say it. And, I wish to make you say it more.” 

When your crush says you made her day, tell her that you find it a cute gesture. 

You happily do such things every day to hear that. 

When girl says you made my day

19. “Anything to keep your smile brighter every day.”

Because you like them seeing smile more and even brighter. 

20. “And I can’t tell how happy I am to do it for you.” 

You’re equally or even happier that you make them feel better even when you’re away. 

So you tell them that they can count on you. 

21. “I’m just trying my best to make you feel good anyway.” 

So basically, your every action is to make their day good. 

And, this is a good thing for your connection. 

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What Does “You Made My Day” Mean?

When someone says “You made my day” this shows they are happy because of you. 

You did or say something nice to them.

And, it refreshes their mood and makes them feel good. 

It could be anything from sweet compliments to smooth pickup lines to impress you.

Or, even a positive quote. 

But, because of you, they are feeling a lot better. That’s what it means. 

This positive feeling continues throughout the day and keeps them smiling.  

So, you did a good job there. 

What Does You Made My Day Mean

Well, if this person is your loved one, you want to make them feel good not for that day but anytime when you talk, chat, or sit together. 

So you must share your cute to flirty responses to “You made my day” like the ones that we just shared here. 

Such ways show that you appreciate their presence in your life. 

And so, you are always ready to make their day no matter what you have to do for it. 


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