9 (Sarcastic &) Funny Answers To “How’s Life?”

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You get asked ‘How’s life?’ by someone all the time.

And, every time, you’ve no idea what to answer. 

When you show up at family functions or gatherings, your relatives, cousins or friends ask this question.

Either curiously or casually, they ask it.   

You don’t meet them usually, so they have reason to ask. 

The context of this question is to have a good conversation.

Or, at least have something to talk about. 

Depending on your relationship with that person and how your life is going, your answers vary from positive, negative, funny, or sarcastic. 

In this article, you will find some better ways to respond to this question. 


How To Answer When Someone Asks “How’s Life”?

This question is a polite way to discuss ‘What’s going on? and ‘How you’re doing?’ in life. 

There might be some ups and downs, but keep your response positive mostly. 

Here, you can say ‘Life is good’, ‘Oh, it’s great’, or ‘I’m doing good, thanks for asking’ when someone asks how is your life. 

But not everyone who asks so, genuinely even cares about it. 

What To answer To How's Life

Some just ask randomly. 

Maybe because they are bored and have no one to talk with. 

Whereas, some just want to gossip about your life. 

Your nosy relatives or jealous friends ask to make sure that you’re still in the same state of life and not getting any better. 

Whoever is asking this, here are the example answers you can give to ‘How’s life?’ question. 

1. “I’m doing all good. But, you never tell me how’s your life, huh!”

It’s only you who have been always answering. 

But this time, you’re going to ask this uncle, how’s their life going. 

This is a clever way to divert the discussion. 

Because you don’t feel comfortable to talk about your life.

2. “Life? Where’s life? I didn’t have any, Do you?”

When your friend asks how your life is, share this funny reply in a normal tone. 

You show them that you don’t feel the existence of the life around you. 

Maybe you need to get a life or have some better friends. 

3. “Well, life is just life. It changes depending on who I’m with at the time.” 

If you have some good and supportive people, life feels so good. 

And if you have some mean and rude people around, life feels like hell. 

Overall, you know that you need to be with some like-minded people.  

Maybe you have them or not, but now your life is good.

Because you choose to be with yourself alone. 

Well, this one is a deep answer, and someone can interpret the answer in many ways. 

4. “It (life) could be even worse. But it’s not. So, I’m quite happy.”

You’re facing some challenges in life. After all who doesn’t? 

So you take it easy and think it’s not worth complaining about. 

Well, this is indeed a positive answer to share when someone interestingly asks ‘How’s your life?’. 

You’re giving an update about your life that it’s good and you’re living it right. 

5. “Why are you always interested in someone’s wife? Sorry, I mean life.” 

This could be your friend or neighbors who always want to know all.

Regarding, what you do to how your married life treats you.

This makes you feel uncomfortable around them because they’re getting personal to you. 

When you don’t like answering, say it clearly. 

This one is a sarcastic response, but enough that they will get the point right. 

Sarcastic reply To How's Your Life

6. “Today I’m not in the mood to listen to any lectures, please!”

You know where this relative or neighbor going with the question. 

First, they ask about your life and then they start to give unwanted advice without even checking if you listen to it or not. 

As if they are doing so perfectly in their life. 

This answer is a bit direct. 

But this can save you time and avoid any unwanted discussion.  

7. “I was having the best time of my life and then you showed up.” 

It was so peaceful that you were chilling alone in the park. 

But this person invades your space and hits you with a noisy question like ‘How’s your life?’. 

The answer may sound funny but it is honest. 

They ask so at the wrong time, but you give the right answer.  

8. “I thought I was a loser, but as I see you, I’m more grateful.” 

You no longer feel like a loser when you meet someone who is even more terrible than you.

Share this fun response with your friends, they know that you’re just joking with them. 

You never share straight answers to even a serious question

Especially, when it’s from a friend. 

Funny answer To How's Your Life

9. “Which life you’re talking about exactly? Because I’m living many lives altogether.” 

With many life means, you have one life on social media. And, few lives in your game. 

But, the one that you are living, you have no idea about that. 

This funny answer is proof that you’re living more than one life. And, living a confused life. 

In every life, you’re doing different, so you have many answers to that. 

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What Does “How’s Your Life” Mean?

Well, just like ‘How are you?’ or ‘How are you doing?’, this question ‘How’s your life?’ is a simple question from someone who wants to know if it’s good.

When they really care to know, they expect that you’re doing well in life. 

Normally, you get this question from someone you met after a long time. 

So, they want to check up on you, what you’re up to these days and how’s your life in the context of a career, marriage, relationship, or overall.

Based on your comfort and their seriousness, choose your replies likewise. 

When you’re happy, you have all the good things to show that your life is good. 

When you’re confident, you express your positive approach toward life, whatever it is. 

When you’re depressed, you be honest with what you going through. 

What Does How’s Your Life Mean

Importantly, you need to take this question seriously or not, based on who is asking this to you. 

Your close friends or family members expect honest answers to it because they care for you. 

Sometimes, it’s find to try funny answers to describe that your life might be a tragedy, but you’re having fun anyway.  

Whereas, those who don’t care much about your life but ask about your life, here you can respond sarcastically.

Because there’s no point in discussing your life with just anyone. 

Well, you have some better ways to answer ‘How’s your life?’ and it’s up to you to decide which way to answer. 

Because it’s your life and you know how to describe it well. 


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