24 Best Replies To “You Deserve Better Than Me”

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Your new relationship is going all well.

And, it feels like you met the person of your life.

But, to your surprise, this ‘special’ someone says “You deserve better than me”.

Woah, What just happened? 

When your crush or date tells you this, Does it mean they think they’re not enough?

Or, Is it just their excuse to break up with you?

Whatever it is, this is hard to handle when you hear it out of nowhere.

Further, you don’t know how to respond to it.

From what to reply to what’s the meaning they say, in this post, we’re going to talk about everything. 


When She Says “You Deserve Better” 

If this is your crush or girlfriend saying so after being together for a while, maybe she is right or insecure. 

Based on if you want her to stay or totally accept her decision to move on, here’s how you respond when a girl says ‘You deserve someone better’. 

When She Says You Deserve Better

1. “Fine. But It was a nice meeting with you, Goodbye!”

Come on, it’s just a rejection from one person.

This isn’t the end of your journey to find love again. 

If your match or crush on the first few dates says that you deserve better, it’s better to handle rejection like a man. 

2. “Thanks for the suggestion. I’m happy that you understand that.” 

Maybe you’ve been feeling the same way that your relationship isn’t going right.

And you both have no idea what are you doing and where this is going.

Instead of trying to make things perfect, you better do it your way, with a fresh start.

3. “Well, I totally agree with you. I was thinking the same.” 

Lately, you know your new girlfriend is not into a relationship like expected.  

You want to work out the relationship both ways.

But, you can’t force her to keep it with you. 

A good thing you understand that and are ready to go apart. 

4. “I’m wishing the same for you, Good luck!”

You’re not mad at her for saying that ‘you deserve better’. 

After all, you also want to be with someone who accepts you as you are. 

So you let her go and also share your wishes that she found the better, too. 

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5. “Better than you? Nope, you’re perfect to me.” 

Nothing is wrong there, everything is just great on your side. But her. 

She might have found something or she thinks she’s not good enough for you.

You need her beside you and you want to make him comfortable. 

6. “Are you sure about that? I’m fine, don’t worry.” 

It’s not a rejection every time. Sometimes insecurity also makes someone say so. 

If she wants a relationship with you or not, you’re fine with her decision. 

But you also care to know why she tells you to find someone better. 

7. “You don’t have to doubt yourself, you’re fine whatever you’re.” 

That doubt and insecurity is the reason why she says that you deserve someone better and not her. 

Tell her that you don’t see any problem.

She’s just perfect for you.

8. “How did this come from? Who told you that?” 

There must be her jealous friend or someone tried to manipulate her. 

Your relationship has been great and suddenly she says that you deserve better than me. 

Tell her not to listen to others but how she feels about you. 

9. “How could you say that, you’re the one for me.” 

If a girl is more concerned about others’ unasked opinions and thinks it’s better to go apart, your lovely response saves your relationship. 

Tell her you don’t think about anyone, but only her. 

10. “You don’t have to worry, I will make this work for us.” 

You don’t believe like her that you’re not good together.

But there you see there’s a hope that your imperfection ends up working out both for you. 

11. “It’s not only me, you deserve better, too.” 

This one is a sarcastic reply to tell a girl that she, too, should be sure about her type as well. 

Maybe she has been dating bad guys which affects her perception of you, too. 

But, fine, After all, you’re leaving so wish her to find better person, too. 

12. “I know what I want and the type of person I need, Okay?” 

Sometimes your friend implies that your boyfriend isn’t right for you. 

With this response, you tell them that you know him much better than they did. 

Your relationship needs no validation and you both are perfect to each other, that’s it. 

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When He Says “You Deserve Someone Better”

A guy who somehow realizes that you’re way out of his league and often thinks that your relationship isn’t working well, might say ‘You deserve better and not me’.

In other cases, this guy could be a player who is just bored with playing with you.

And, this is just an excuse because he wants to get rid of you. 

So, here are the best replies to a guy who says you deserve better.

When He Says You Deserve Better Than Me

1. “Of course, I do.”

If a guy says that you deserve better than her as an excuse, give him this comeback. 

This shows that you are confident that you need a better person in life.  

2. “Do you think that anyone else could handle us like we do to each other?”

You like to be with him. 

But I’m not sure how he thinks that your relationship isn’t perfect. 

Being a friend and partner, you just want to remind that no one can be that perfect like you two.

This makes a cute reply to make him think again. 

3. “Thanks for being honest, but I don’t think so.” 

He might feel it as a doubt or saying it for no reason. 

Tell him to assure you not to think negatively about each other, your relationship is fine. 

4. “And you’re not the best but the perfect for me. I know.” 

A guy might tell you that he doesn’t deserve you and you deserve someone better. 

When you respond to this, it makes him realize that you don’t want to change him, you love her for his natural self. 

5. “It’s because of others’ influence right? I know you love me, too.” 

Maybe his friends told her that he isn’t capable of handling you as a girlfriend.

Because you’re so hot and he’s just a normal guy. 

There’s nothing wrong with him, just their friends need to go.

And not you. 

6. “If that’s what you feel, you might be right. But, our relationship deserves one chance.” 

You’re not giving up on your relationship like he did. 

This last chance may make him change his mind, because things aren’t any bad as he thinks they are. 

You’re ready to work out your relationship together.

Maybe you just need a break. 

7. “No, thanks, I’ve realized that I’m much better alone, without anyone.”  

If he wants to break up with you, fine.

You’re not holding him with you, either. 

But with this relationship, you learned something, the most important thing is to respect yourself first. 

8. “We are perfect for each other, what just happened?” 

There’s nothing wrong as you know.

You both are compatible and perfect for each other. 

A discussion can save your relationship from falling apart for no reason. 

9. “Yes, my mom said the same to me.” 

Tell him that you have the support of your family and loved ones. 

After introducing him to your family, they are also suspicious of your boyfriend’s nature and you figure that out now, why.

10. “Yes, a guy who is mature, caring, and more handsome!”

If your partner wants to break up and he might say that you deserve someone. 

Based on how it feels you, too decided to break up with your FWB this long ago, and this savage reply is the proof.

11. “And, what about you? Found a new girl already?” 

When a guy says to you that you deserve better, maybe he just wants you to go. 

And such a sarcastic response you just want to tell him that you know he’s a player. 

12. “And, I think I don’t deserve any guy at all.” 

After all these dating and relationship experiences, you start to know your worth, finally. 

Maybe you say in frustration that you are breaking up, too.

But you’re also admitting that you’re much stronger than before. 

So you already have moved on with life, as you should. 

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What Does Someone Mean By Saying That “You Deserve Better”?

At first, this might be an honest confession, but it’s not. 

When someone says ‘You deserve better’ this is also a way to reject your proposal when they know you won’t easily let them leave easily.

In other cases, being in a relationship, they find that you’re not someone they wanted, and to not hurt your feelings they say that they’re not right for you. 

So, yes, this is also an excuse that some use to break up with you. 

Meaning of you deserve someone better than me

The other thing, this girl or guy believes that they see you as a good person and don’t think they’re any match for you. 

Here they say it because of their insecurity for any reason. 

Indeed, letting someone you love go is hard, but if someone says ‘You deserve someone better’ try to find the meaning that makes them say it in your case. 

If you want them to stay, don’t force but try to convince them one last time.

And if they really want to go, it’s no point to keep them with you. 

Just accept that and find someone better, maybe that’ll be good for you both.  


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