14 Savage Roasts For Relatives Who Irritate You

  • February 11, 2024

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To the relatives who never hesitate to joke on your life or choices, deserve some good roasts back. 

Oftentimes, they behave rudely and disregard your priority. 

When they are joking about grades, interfere with your decisions, or question your life, then you should respond in the same manner. 

In this article, we will talk about some savage and respectful roasts to give your relatives to make them stop getting any further. 


How To Roast Your Relatives?

So, you have tried your best to avoid showing up to those annoying relatives.

But now as you have no chance to face them, better if you are prepared with something to say when a relative hits you with another personal question

No doubt that you respect them, but their habits of interfering have to go!

And if you want to taunt your relatives about their nosy and irritating behavior, here are the best roasts you can try. 

How To Roasts Your Relatives

1. “Is it the last question or do you have anything else to ask about me?” 

It may sound like you’re annoyed with their question. 

But no, you really want to talk more about you and answer their every question.

2. “If you’re that worried about my marriage then why don’t you find the one for me?” 

You want to give ‘partner search’ responsibility to your relatives. 

Because they seem more worried about it. 

Share this response when they ask when you’ll get married

3. “As I see myself, I’m doing good in my life and I have nothing to prove to you.” 

And you are fine with whatever they are saying to you.

Their opinion doesn’t matter to you in any way. 

4. “You talk about my bold nature and then I will talk about your bald head. Is that fair?” 

And, this is a tit for tat

You share this response in a fun tone, as your uncle said it first. 

5. “Instead of talking about my exam, let’s talk about your affairs with neighbors.” 

Because you’re mature enough and know what’s going on in their life, too.

6. “Well, right now I’m not looking for someone. Do you have someone to see me?” 

It seems that a relative who asks if you’re seeing anyone for marrriage is more desperate than you. 

So you ask them back if they want you to meet someone.

Maybe they have some suggestions for you in that case. 

7. “I know you are joking all the time. Don’t worry I don’t take you seriously ever.” 

First, they tease you and then tell you that they are just kidding with you. 

This is a savage roast to make them aware that you never take them seriously. 

Funny Roast to say to Your Relatives

8. “I heard that you weren’t that smart in your school. Do you see any improvement now?” 

Well, you doubt that they are even improved or still the same. 

9. “Why are you always interested in my relationship? Mind your own… Oh sorry, I forgot that you didn’t have any.” 

A roast to that uncle or aunty who is unmarried but is more asks about your relationship. 

This will hit them harder but like them, you’re just asking, right? 

10. “You are the only reason why family functions don’t interest me.” 

And, you give a clear reason for not showing up at such family functions. 

This is an honest and savage thing to say to your relatives. 

11. “What happened to you lately? You weren’t like this before.” 

Like they are worried about you, you are also worried about nature which is getting so suspicious lately. 

Also, ask if everything going okay with their life. 

12. “I appreciate your concern for me, but I want to take a chill pill and think about nothing.” 

You know what you are doing with life and your relatives have nothing to know about it. 

So, it’s fine for them to take a chill pill and mind their own life.

13. “So, how are your kids doing in their life? You never talked about them.”

To relatives or uncle-aunties who put pressure on you regarding college or marriage life, this is how you shut them up. 

This is also a roast to tell them to focus on their kids and not others. 

14. “Yeah, I’m just following your footsteps. Because you’re so great in everything you do.” 

This is a sarcastic roast to assure your relatives that you are doing as they advised. 

Well, they will know that you taunt them for interfering in everything you do. 

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Dealing with those awkward and annoying relatives is challenging. 

A small talk with them ends up giving you frustration. 

It seems that not having good marks or kids, is quite their issue than it’s yours. 

When you can’t escape the personal comments or doubts, you face it with wit and humor. 

It doesn’t mean that you hate your relatives, just they have no sense to ask the right question to you. 

And also, they should know whether you ask for their advice and suggestion, beforehand!

Hopefully, this roast will make your relatives act more carefully toward you, then on. 


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