21 (Cute &) Flirty Responses To “Shut Up”

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Sometimes, when your partner or crush says ‘Shut up’, it feels cute, Right?

Whether you want to get their attention or make them smile, there’s a special way to do it. 

When you apply these cute and flirty responses instead, it will start a sweet conversation even after they say ‘shut up’ to you. 

Let’s hope, this way they won’t be mad at you any longer. 


Flirty Responses To “Shut Up” From Your Partner

You know your partner feels irritated with your dad jokes. 

And, you just love them so when they say to ‘shut up’ it doesn’t seem insulting to you at all. 

To make their mood again, here are the flirty replies to share playfully.

Flirty Responses To Shut Up

1. “Why not, My love.” 

Treat her like a princess and accept her orders. 

You’re just being a flirty boyfriend, who will never make his love sad anyway. 

2. “Only you can shut me up.”

It’s just love from her that makes you stay shut.

Else who dares to say it?

This response tells you to allow her to take control over you.  

3. “And, ‘a kiss’ is the only way to do it.”

If she really wants to shut you up, this will get you a kiss from her. 

Your partner will enjoy this reply and may shut you up for good reason. 

4. “How can I? You make me feel heard.”

 You just love to talk with your crush and if she wants to shut up, this isn’t right. 

After all, she’s the one you genuinely share how you have been actually. 

5. “I won’t. And, I’m ready for the punishment.”

With this flirty reply, you tell her, you’re not going to shut up and tease her playfully. 

But, you’re ready for her punishment, if this is the option. 

6. “First, you will do something for me.”

You tell your partner that you will shut up, but you want them to do something in exchange. 

This will make them do something that you always wanted.  

7. “Then you can do anything to make me shut.”

 From duct-taping you to just kissing you, you could share options with them. 

Based on your partner’s mood they will do the right thing. 

You also want to check these flirty comebacks to ‘Make me’ to share, when she says this to you.

8. “Promise. I will never talk about this to anyone.”

Instead of being shut up, you tell them that you will keep your connection private. 

Whatever is going on between you, stay within.

9. “If I stop talking to you, I will die of suffocation.”

And this is the reason why you keep talking to them. 

So, you can ask them, it is fine for them.

10. “Oh, I get it. we will do it silently, then.”

You want to make the experience equally good for both.

Fine, if you’re excited about ‘it’, but when your partner says shut up, you don’t mind, too.

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Cute Responses To “Shut Up” From Your Crush

Whatever your crush tells you to please ‘shut up’, you know they don’t mean it. 

Even if they’re mad at you or say it in frustration, it doesn’t bother you much. 

Next, with cute replies, you just make your conversation even sweeter. 

Cute Responses To Shut Up

1. “What can you do about it?” 

You are just asking so because it’s not in your hands to stop talking. 

This one is a cute reply like you’re asking for their ways.

2. “I will shut up only after we get married.”

This one is a sweet reply while texting with your fiancé. 

You very well know that she says shut up in a playful manner, so your response is the same. 

3. “Okay, I will. But, please, don’t stop talking to me.” 

Because you like to hear their sweet voice. 

You’re ready to text them or chat, and also can shut up your connection.

4. “But why? I thought you like it when I say something.”

Maybe your partner had a rough day or is not in a mood at the time. 

You’re ready to comfort them because you’re better at it.

5. “Nope. Never.”

They have ordered you to stay shut but you don’t know how to. 

Because it’s damn too hard to do it around them.  

6. “The conversation went two ways, don’t forget that.”

How can there be a conversation when one person shuts up and only the other speaks?

This one is sweet but also a witty response to share. 

7. “But, our conversation has just begun.”

As your connection or conversation begins, there is no point to shut up.  

You have more things to say or to discuss your plans.

8. “Talking to you over the phone is now my ritual.”

Talking with them is a part of your routine now. 

You’re habitual to it and do not even want to shut up. 

9. “Fine, no more talking. Only chatting, right?”

While chatting with your crush, when she says ‘Shut up’ over text, this response feels cute. 

You agree to go silent, but that won’t stop you from staying connected. 

10. “I tried it many times. I couldn’t be around you.”

 Being silent is not possible for you, especially around your crush. 

11. “I will, from this moment right now, Mam.”

You will do anything for your loved ones. 

And adding that ‘ma’am’ is surely going to make her laugh for sure.


How To Respond To “Shut Up” In A Flirty Way?

Because this person is your loved one or a crush.

It’s hard to stay shut around them for more than five minutes. 

You like to talk about everything from how you’ve been, where you went to the lamest jokes and all. 

How to respond to shut up in a flirty way

Also, you can’t be silent, because they say it in a fun tone. Like they don’t mean it.

And these flirty responses to shut up are not for everyone, don’t forget that. 

This works best when you share it with someone you care about the most, like your partner or crush who tells you that you’re such a crazy person.

You need to be sure your replies make up their mood again, and not irritate them more.


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