34 Savage Comebacks For Toxic People Who Bother You

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You might want to completely ignore them, but you can’t.

Here we’re talking about those ‘Toxic people’.

You have to deal with them anywhere, in your home or outside. 

Whether you’ve toxic parents or friends, savage comebacks are the perfect reaction to anything they say to you. 

Every time they show up, with they spoil your good mood (or special day). 

And, sometimes, their presence itself feels strongly unpleasant.  

I know roasting anyone is not the right thing to do.

But, a toxic person deserves such insults. So don’t hesitate and have such something to say right away.


Savage Comebacks For Toxic People 

If you intend to shut them down or insult them back, with the right thing to say at the perfect time, you can do it well. 

Never tolerate toxic behavior just at the cost of your mental peace.  

Sometimes, you should speak up and tell them what bothers you in sarcastic or savage ways. 

Hopefully, these comebacks are what you need to deal with the toxicity from someone. 

Comebacks To Insult Toxic People

1. “Your ability to bring out the negative side of anything really really amazes me.

2. “I don’t know what I would do with my life without you.” 

3. “Just because of you, I have come to realize how important education is.” 

4. “Sorry but I never understand what you are actually trying to say.”

5. “Only you can do it, and I don’t expect any good from you.”

6. “Why don’t you just take a break from being a jerk just for one day?”

7. “I never know that you are perfect in everything.”

8. “Every time you speak anything, you disrespect yourself.”

9. “Thanks for your advice. By the way, you should teach manners.”  

10. “Make sure that you are good enough before correcting others.” 

11. “Your confidence to show up even with such disrespect is impressive.” 

12. “No one will ever tell you this, but everyone secretly hates you.”

13. “If I were like you, I would rather live alone in a distant place than be with anyone.” 

14. “Tell me ask you this: Are you doing this just to me or with everyone else?”

15. “Sorry, I’m not great like you. Actually, it makes me even happier.”

16. “Well, I don’t have time, energy, or any good reason to deal with you.” 

17. “The disappointment that I could never even be like you, will always be there.” 


Good Roasts To Say To A Toxic Person

You’ve no time to deal with their drama, and they’re more into that. 

You just want to be happy and have a great day every day, but toxic people won’t let you have it that easily. 

If they constantly get your attention with their mean comments about you, never take it personally.

With these timely roasts at toxic people, you can successfully save yourself from their negative influence. 

Roasts To Say To A Toxic Person

1. “I know that it’s hard for you to be positive. But, I’m fine if you say nothing.”

2. “Please do not expect that I will react, you won’t get anything from me.” 

3. “Do not push yourself hard trying to be nice, you look so fake.” 

4. “It was nice meeting you and I’ve to say that this is the last time.” 

5. “Could you please stay away from me, I can’t tolerate your negativity.” 

6. “This isn’t the right time to talk about it, maybe we should never.”

7. “I think now I have had enough of talking with you, maybe we should never talk again.” 

8. “At least my parents never tell me that I’m their biggest regret.”

9.  “What you’re doing to me is nonsense. So I think you’re just wasting your time on me.”

10. “Are you okay, I think your mental health is weak.”

11. “Thanks for reminding me that whatever I am, I’m even different than you.”

12. “Do you think that what you did will make your parents ever proud?”

13. “Why don’t you always behave so nicely like this? It suits you.” 

14. “Thank you so much for caring for me. But I don’t need it.” 

15. “There is nothing worse than discussing anything with you.”

16. “What is the last time you ever felt happy with someone’s achievement?”

17. “I pray to God that may your life become good just somehow.” 

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How To Insult A Toxic Person?

When someone in your life always criticizes you, insults you, and challenges you to be yourself, you have those toxic people in life. 

Whatever they do, they will make your life feel miserable for no reason. 

This toxic person may be one of your family members, parents, friends, or coworkers. 

You deserve to have peace and maintain respect for yourself. 

But when toxic people are constantly showing up, have some savage comebacks and roasts ready to throw at them. 

Don’t care if they feel insulted here. It will make them ashamed for sure.

Well, you’re not responsible for whatever life situation they’re in. 

And they shouldn’t interfere with your mood and choices in any way. 

Never tolerate any toxicity from anyone. Stand up and speak up, for your good. 


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