9 (Sarcastic &) Funny Answers To “What’s The Matter?”

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Seeing you look sad or mad, someone asks “What’s the matter?”. 

But it’s not the case, they just assumed it. 

You’re in a normal mood also there’s nothing wrong with you, you are just enjoying the moment.  

You could respond with ‘Nothing’, as you do normally.

But, based on ‘the matter’ actually, you could give them sarcastic to funny answers to lead it to an interesting conversation. 


How To Answer To “What’s The Matter”?

When someone asks ‘What’s the matter (with you)?’, that person feels something is wrong. 

Some ask just to check if you’re okay

Whereas some say so rudely.

Based on the connection and context, you can decide how you should answer them. 

How To Answer To What's The Matter

Let them know how’s your life going when they seem concerned. 

Else, they are just being curious or negative here.

In that case, you can try these sarcastic and funny answers to ‘What’s the matter?’ when this question wrecks your mood. 

1. “The matter is… I have got people like you in my life.”

With a friend you often joke around, you can give this lighthearted answer. 

It’s a fun response to show that whatever matters in your life is all because of that friend. 

Say it in a fun mood or as if you want to get rid of them. 

2. “Whatever matter is, but you don’t need to know that.”

Say it in a polite tone or rudely, just someone in the manner they asked. 

This one is a good way to keep someone from asking about your personal matter.

You tell them not to worry about you in both ways. 

3. “Matter? There’s nothing for you.” 

You notice that this person asking too personal questions lately. 

To keep your boundary straight here is the perfect response.

Make it clear that it’s none of their concern. 

3. “You’re asking as if everything is fine with you, huh!” 

A funny response to tell them that they are not good enough, too. 

There’s a matter and problem with everyone. 

But if they think they are better, you just tell them straight. 

Funny Answer To What's The Matter

5. “Why does my matter bother you?”

It’s their nosy nature that makes them ask about everything. 

They always want to know what you do and how you feel, and that annoys you. 

To someone who takes too much interest in your personal matter, give this sassy response.

6. “Instead of checking on everyone, why don’t you mind your own matter?”

Everyone is just fed up with this person’s nature. 

It is a good comeback to someone who is asking ‘what’s the matter with you’ but never pays attention to their own. 

7. “Don’t act innocent, you already know what this is about.” 

It’s them who are responsible for the all troubles around.

Now they ask what’s going on, as if you know nothing.

It is a witty response to share with a fake friend or a relative who just acts good. 

8. “Nah, man. Not matter today.” 

They have great interest in your matter. 

But you don’t want to share anything. 

With such a clever reply you stop them from asking for more. 

Witty Reply To What's The Matter With You

9. “It’s our matter please leave us alone.”

To the rude relatives who interfere in your family matters, this is the right response.

You tell them they aren’t part of your family or this matter.

So they better stay away from that.

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What Does It Mean When Someone Says “What’s The Matter”?

When you do something bad or act odd, someone may ask “What’s the matter?”, it means that person feels something isn’t right. 

They express their concern about if anything is wrong with you. 

If you trust them and they have helped you before, you can tell them what’s bothering you. 

What Does It Mean When Someone Says What’s The Matter

Whereas, this phrase also comes during an argument, someone asks ‘What’s the matter with you?’ rudely to mock you

If that puts you in a bad mood, you should try such sarcastic answers to show the real matter is with their thinking and not with you. 

And if someone asks so with just an assumption, give funny answers.

Overall, it’s up to you to decide what to answer to ‘What’s the matter’ considering the situation and the context. 

Treat this question accordingly. 


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